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Wincomn involves presenting the play Mongolian horse
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Case introduction

In order to deliver the audience with immersive experience, the crew has been working on an excellent lighting projection system. And through testing and comparison among multiple parties, the projection solution provided by Wincomn was selected in the end. According to the strict requirement of program team, Wincomn designs and installs more than a dozen top-class brand of the top series projectors - the Christie Boxer series of 30, 000 lumen projectors, creating a "realistic" scene for the theater.

The projection system designed by Wincomn has restored the natural scenes of grassland, volcano, sand, snowfield, sunrise and moonset. At the same time, a group of projectors are set up for shooting onto the horsehead structure in the center of the stage and the snow mountain screen. The projection videos  are flexible to switch to make the stage set and the plot fully integrated, which will bring the whole performance to a climax.



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