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Wincomn participated in the World’s first Chan Sect Live Show
Application type:互动游乐
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Case introduction

“Chan Sec Sanctuary · the sixth patriarch Huineng” debuted successfully recently. This is the key project of the 12th five-year plan of Guangdong province, and also the core project of the "China · new Chan Sect town", which covers an area of 1,800 Mu, and a total investment of 2 billion Yuan. The performance is based on the story of HuiNeng's life, includes a series of shows such as, "Chan sound wall", "Space-time tunnel", "Buddha’s hand”, "bodhi tree", "Lotus Theater “and so on. Wincomn is involved in equipment installation and integration for the tunnel, the large folding screen, the Buddha’s hand and Lotus Theater. Meanwhile, it also undertook the strong electricity and weak electricity work for the related projects.




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