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Projection makes the Tang Paradise gorgeous,Wincomn participates
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Case introduction

When projecting in natural environment, the first thing to consider is the specific situation of the projection surface. In this project, the overall color of the rockery is dark, the projection surface is uneven, and the flow of water on the rockery will also affect the projection picture and light. Wincomn uses four-set Christie D20WU-HS laser projectors for this project. The brightness of this projector is as high as 20,000 lumens. The BoldColor technology patented by Christie enhances the color accuracy and solves the problem of color coverage of the rockery itself.

With built-in Christie Twist™, it can quickly and easily set up and align irregular screens, so that the rugged rockery can also present a clear and complete picture. At the same time, the machine is compact, light, flexible installation, will not damage the consistency and harmony of the park landscape. It can run for over 20,000 hours without maintenance, which ensures the normal performance of the park and reduces the pressure of maintenance and repair.

The 7thSense media server adopted in this project has real-time warp and blend features,pixel-accurate synchronisation ,  ensure the synchronous play of video, and make the picture can be beautifully presented on the flowing waterfall and twisted mountain.



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