Wincomn Roadshow in Hefei City-a Feast of Innovative Products an
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‘Win Your Way to the Top” Wincomn 2012 Roadshows got in Hefei City on July 25th. This was the first time for more than 70 visitors of the industry from Hefei to attend Wincomn professional show, experiencing the innovative products of six leading brands and the system design inventively created by Wincomn.

Mr. Hansen Yang
Vice President of Wincomn Technology

The host of this show-Wincomn Technology is a high-end A/V product distributor, solution provider and integrated service provider. The Show came with 6 major display areas:
1.The large screen area in the central room, which is a 1 X 2 front projection commanding and controlling room application, including visualizer.
2.Projection mapping display
3.3D display
4.Training room conference room 
6.Display area of Christie and Extron products

Commanding and Controlling Room with Front Projection

The front projection commanding and controlling room has the following features,
Based on the actual demands, this application vary the numbers of screen so as to get the multi-window effect;
It shows the exceptional display effects as good as rear projection according to the image contrast theory;
Projectors and processors practice their own technology properly for blending to facilitate functions of warping, blending, sideband and multi-windows, which ensures the system’s performance effectively. 

Projection Mapping

The application applies various players, controllers, transmission and control systems, being through projectors and special installation structure to shoot on complex surfaces such as curved surface, sphere surface, rhombic surface ect. Thus it has stricter requirement on projectors- they should be more stable, reliable and more flexible for installation. Apart from that, it also needs higher capabilities for projectors on depth of field, warping and color adjustment function. This application deployed Christie 90 degree projector with pixels up to 2048 in vertical direction, which is one of its advantages. 

Training Room

Training room asks for a bright environment so that trainees would be more willing to learn in the happy mood. Besides that, the face-to-face interaction between the training teacher and trainees help deliver information in an effective way. Furthermore, all the equipments in the room are easy to use without interrupting the progress of training. 

Video Conference Room

Camera shooting in the conference room requires high-illuminance environment (500-1000LUX). The luminance of the screen is 2-3 times of the environment and its image contrast is 80:1. Under the help of the digital conference system, attendees can “argue” in good orders without affecting progress of the conference. And it is simple to control and easy to use. Besides, the Wolfvision Ceiling Visualizer is also deployed in the conference room, which remarkably enhances the actual effect of teleconference.

Simulation Display

In this application, larger-size display with multi-channels can be assembled according to the actual needs. It deploys Christie active 3D projector, dnp optical rear projection screen, 6-point positioning and tracking interaction system, and software. The integration of hardware platform and software development meets customers’ requirement and provides a satisfactory application for customers to use.


Mr. Ken Wheatley
BP Products Sales Director
Christie, Asian Pacific Region

The Big-O show in the opening ceremony of 2012 Yeso EXPO delivered a memorable visual impact. Numbers of visual expression contributed to this successful show, such as flames, water curtain, laser light, spraying, lights, video projection ect. 6 Christie HD35K projectors were used for projection of the big “O” while 8 HD35K projectors for showing the water curtain and fountain. There were totally about 250 Christie visual solutions deployed in all sites and stadiums in the Expo.

Mr. Andy Towers
International Sales Manager of Vista System
Christie, USA

Vista is an industry pioneer of real-time video and image processing. Spyder X20 functions powerfully, integrating processor, monitor, router, sync generator and scale switcher. This product supports 4K resolution output, 2D/3D sync output and smooth transitions between frames.

Mr Quan Pan
BP Products Sales Manager
Christie, China Region

 Christie has a various product line covering 3LCD, 1-DLP and 3-DLP technology and can satisfactorily meet your application requirements and budgets.
Christie J Series, with xenon lamp, support liquid cooling, dust-proof function and Embedded Christie Twist. 3D upgradeable and overlapped, it supports 90 degree display in a vertical direction as well, and is famous for its amazing performance. 
Christie M Series, with mercury lamp, is simple, quiet, stable, reliable and price competitive. And it supports liquid cooling and dust-proof function, embedded Christie Twist, and 90 degree display in a vertical direction.
Christie Roadie HD35K and Chritie D4K35 provide stunningly high luminance and high resolution (2K and 4K).

Mr. Kim Muurholm Jurgensen
Regional Sales Manger,
DIS, Denmark

 DIS new digital conference system-DDS 5900 is a true reflection of DIS’s focus and dedication for conferencing over past 60 years. This system functions:
Exceptional audio quality;
Web browser supports system configuration and microphone control;
Integrates simple and practical simultaneous interpretation capability ;
Supports VOX, encrypted sound, group output;
value for money;
The conference unit is 3 in 1 which enables chairman, delegates, and interpreter unit quickly switched in 10 seconds;
Elegant and simple design, applying soft touch technology.

Ms. Brandy Zhu
Regional Sales Manager

 Extron, with more than 4000 products, can solve almost every problem occurred between signal source and display equipments.
The products appeared in the show include,
Quantum series videowall processor, a card frame processing system, has flexibility to support a variety of input and output configurations, allows for up to 128 video windows per output card, transfers video with professional 10Gbit trunk , supports resolutions up to 1920 X1200 and supports 24/7 operation;
DVS 510 Series, is a 10 input, scaling presentation switcher, supporting RGB, HDTV and video signal upscaling and downscaling;
SME 100 H.264 streaming media encoder, is superior to similar products in the market, supporting 3 inputs video, RGB, DVI and audio.
DMS 1600/DMS 3600 modular DVI matrix switcher, is available in I/O sizes from 4X4 to 36X36.
JMP 9600 HD/JMP 9600 2K two-channel JPEG 2000 HD video player, allows for 4K signal source for projector with 4K resolution.

Besides that, Ms. Shen Xianghui, Technical Manager of Wincomn explained the definition of dnp image contrast, and then a Wincomn product engineer demonstrated the leading Wolfvision visualizer.

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