Wincomn Helps Reproduce Tai Chi Legend
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Recently, grand originally created dance drama “Tai Chi Legend” of Henan Performance Group is on show in Lanzhou Jincheng Grand Theater.

As an old saying goes: “Central plains fosters fist, Yellow river raises Tai Chi”. Tai Chi legend invites Weiya Chen as its director, Hai Zhu, copywriter of CCTV, as scriptwriter and Qiuyu Yu, the famous scholar, as cultural consultant. The legend represents that Yuntian Chen and Longfei Jiang finally reach Tai Chi state after thorough understanding. The twists and turns touching plot, exquisite and vivid characters and the deep solid dance skills do not only show audiences a beautiful art but also present profound content of Tai Chi culture. In addition, the drama was once shown in Henan Art Center Theater, Grand National Theater, Anqing Huangmei Opera Art Center and Wuzhen Xishan Grand Theater.

The innovation point of this drama is that the stage is integrated with projection and applies projection to create profound and unpredictable space effect. There are total 4 units of Christie Roadster S+22K-J, 1 Christie Roadie HD+35K and related media server to display the video for the whole dance drama.

In order to build stage effect of real magic, multi-layer and gentle transition to realize the interactive fusion of music, human and light, it adopts projection technology with soft light and rich performance but not LED screen of strong light and rigid display. For this purpose, Wincomn installs 1 unit of Christie Roadie HD+35K to shoot on apron veil to produce the unreal and fantasy effect and bring audiences immersive visual enjoyment. With fine and rich 2K resolution (2048×1080) and natural xenon lamp, the projector has enough bright (35000lumens) and redundancy to output proper brightness according to the demands of stage, added with 4 units of Christie Roadster S+22K-J rear-projecting on the back of screen to assist performers to produce vivid and lifelike time effect.

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