The First Professional Seminar for Fully HD A/V products& System
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Nov. 22nd, 2007, Wincomn Technology the 9th A/V Product and Technology Seminar was held in Swissotel Beijing. It is the first professional exhibition in China with all HD A/V products& systems, including several 1920*1080 HD projectors, screens in 16:9 formats, fully digital touchscreen-control conference system, transmission and process products for HD signals, digital visualizers with HD resolution output and fully digital audio processor and output device.
As the Olympics High-definition Television Channel is going to broadcast, Wincomn Technology professionally integrated the world leading HD A/V products and presented an audible, visible and useable 16:9 HD display show for professionals in advance. It was also a milestone-significant HD A/V show with "Seven TOP" A/V solutions, which deeply attracted all the attendees in this seminar.
The most advanced seamless large-scale front display solution with HD edge-blending
The large-sized display system in the central booth was created by 2*4 Supernova screens, which was also a 1*2 (8m*2.5m) edge-blending display system. It was intended to design for large-sized command centers, control centers, exhibition centers, and report centers.
This system was composed of two Barco iD LH-12 projectors, XDS-1000 display management system and 2*4 Supernova screens.
Barco iD LH-12, first launched in this siminar, is the newest 12000 lumens, 3-chip DLP 1080p HD projector, which is integrated edge-blending technology、warping(geometry correction) function , lowest noise level, liquid-cooled optical engine. Thanks to its supreme color and light quality, it gained a good name, "HD general", and was also the most attractive black shinning pearl.

The most classic medium-sized HD rear projection solution
Left and right of the main central booth was a 180/150 inch 16:9 HD rear projection system with multi-windows display. Both were composed of a Barco SLM R9+ 3-chip DLP projector, a 180/150 inch dnp GWA screen. The difference was the left one integrated a Extron MGP464 four windows multi-graphic processor, but the right one integrated a Barco ScreenProⅡseamless image processor with high resolution. The two rear projection system designed by wincomn Technology were the most classic rear projection solution in the A/V market, which were also perfect meet the demand of medium-sized command centers, control centers, exhibition centers, and report centers. They are very flexible, for example, you can choose 4:3 or 16:9, or combine multi-windows processor, and also you can construct a Large-scale rear projection display.
The most updated video conference display and digital conference system
DIS DC 6990P, the touchscreen control conferencing unit first launched by DIS was also exhibited in this seminar. DIS conference speaking and voting system, combined with 120 inch 16:9 optical front projection multi-windows system (composed of iCon H500 and Supernova LG screens)and Polycom HD video conference output, were a perfect example of application in small conferences, especially of small video conferences in the near future.
The European-style LCD touchscreen-control conferencing unit can add conferences more modem and worshipful characteristics. All kinds of signal can be easily added to this system such as HD video conference terminal signal, network stream-media signal and local signal. With the image processor of iCon H500, we can easily operate all the functions on its windows interface.
The most professional medium-sized conference speaking and interpretation system
DIS conference speaking and interpretation system combined with KLOTZ DIGITAL sound amplifying system was to be a practical example of medium-sized conference application. This system support 20 people to speaking, bilingual (Chinese and English) interpretation and 300 auditor to listen by infra-red earphone.
The easiest controlling HD display solution in medium or small-sized conference cluster
Series products of Extron, such as MGP 464 four windows multi-graphic processor, twist-pair, optical fiber, DVI transmission system, IP Link, combined with 120 inch optical front projection multi-windows system perfectly illustrated the display and control methods in medium or small-sized meeting room. This solution can be widely applied in administration centers, exhibition centers, command centers and other conference environments attached meeting room cluster.
The clearest output of small-sized video conference solution
WolfVision digital video visualizers and Lifesize HD video conference terminal, combined 100 inch 16:9 optical front projection multi-windows system, was a perfect application of video meeting room, especially of multi-function meeting room. Brilliant ColorTM of iCon H250 combined with the perfect performance of Supernova One can exactly reconstructed the image from WofVision EYE 12. So, this solution is very suitable for video meeting room.
The most comprehensive digital transmission solution for audio transmission and sound amplifying in small conference cluster
The leading manufacturer of digital audio network and audio source processing system, KLOTZ DIGITAL from Germany, introduced us a fully digital audio transmission system, VARYZONE.
This system combined 100 inch 16:9 optical front projection system gave us a super good example of the application of audio transmission and sound amplifying in small conference cluster.
This system was very simple but very usable. It was fully digital and support interlinkage between audio sources from different meeting rooms, and can directly controlling every loudspeaker and testing all of the online devices.
As the senior provider of A/V system solution, Wincomn Technology always have unique strategy vision, acute sense and exact apperception about the development and application of updated technology. In this seminar, Wincomn Technology also brings to all the attendees many surprise and revelation.
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