Great Wall 3D Dome Theater
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The Great Wall 3D dome theater, is the world's first 3D dome theater. Wincomn, the domestic dome theater expert, is responsible for design and integration of the video and audio system. 10 units of Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors, using Infitec 3D display, shoot on a 6K * 6K 3D picture. The dome theater, in full accordance with the international construction standards (including brightness, Contrast ratio, gain, etc.), is the most advanced 3D dome theater inChina.



For the media server, we designed 7thSense uncompressed TGA playback system to display the best image quality and the most native color. It is also equipped with automatic calibration system, which can ensure that the system has the ability to repair and maintenance.



In addition, the dome theater also uses the moving seats, which breaks the traditional way of Dome Theater. This is the first try of moving seats + 3D contents. It can increase the immersive experience greatly.



Great Wall Dome Theater, using the world's top integration technology, gives you a different fantasy experience.

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