Wincomn got the Skyscraper Award
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On the evening of March 18th, the thirdChinatheme park Industry Skyscraper awards ceremony was held in Beijing. Nanchang Wanda Movie Park "Fly over Jiangxi" and preshow "the big vase" won the "creative design award ofChinatheme park products".




"The big vase" projection is located in the preshow area of "Fly over Jiangxi" flying theater, in Nanchang  Wanda Movie  Park. In a courtyard, a huge vase stands through the top to the floor. The projection on the vase body set off the projection on ceiling, which let the audience get involved in the origin of the porcelain culture and experience the top feeling of the porcelain culture.


The big vase" projection system is designed and integrated by Wincomm. Wincomn has a professional design and engineering team, who completed precise calculation and rigorous testing based on the large structure of vase, using ten Christie projectors and 7thsense media server to perfectly show the elegant charm of the big vase。

"The big vase" projection system, who won the Skyscraper Award, is just the epitome of every successful theme park project. It involves culture, wisdom, creativity, technology and craftsman spirit, which is the developing direction ofChinaamusement industry for the past 30 years."

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