Wincomn Took Projection Mapping and Flying Theater into CAE
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Wincomn took two applications, projection mapping and flying theater, which represent the highest level of science and technology in the field of entertainment into CAE on Mar.18th in National Convention Center Hall E2, booth no. 1341.


This is the booth of Wincomn, which takes the appearance of Chinese characteristic and international substance

Among many attractions in theme park, projection mapping often consider as a finishing touch of an all-day good experience. The technological and creative projection mapping shows, with the most advanced projection technology, outline and light the building in the darkness. Together with fireworks, fountain, lighting, the show can display surprisingly-shocking naked 3D effect, change the silent building into a cool, romantic dancers, and bring the Carnival experience to visitors.


The amazing show attracts lots of visitors.

Wincomn brought the latest-completed project, Gubei water town Wangjing projection mapping show, into the booth. The project is cooperated among Gubei water town, Israel AVS and Wincomn. As the leading high-end A/V comprehensive service providers, Wincomn expressed, the biggest difficulty in projection mapping, is how to do precise projection debugging and calibration on the complex lines and irregular shape of the building. Therefore, it is a rare opportunity to watch a seamless mapping show during the three day exhibition.

Before the Gubei town Wangjing projection mapping, Wincomm, as the leading service providers in terms of  projection mapping, has completed dozens of successful projects, such as, Kafei Iron Tower "spirit language of Buddha”, Wuxi national film industry park show" shadow moving of Wuxi ", the Longmen Grottoes Buddha projection show etc.


The flying theater is an indispensable high-tech project in modern theme park. As it often represents the level of the construction of the whole theme park, flying theater often involves huge investment and high demanding. Composed of the dome projection system, the moving platform, the control system, the special effect system, the security system and so on, the flying theater needs high-level design ability and stable equipment. 

In this exhibition, Wincomn also demonstrated a VR system of flying theater, which can show the design, implementation and operation of the flight theater in a virtual reality way. Wincomm said, we not only have a professional design and implementation team for flying theater projects, but also the team has the experience of industrial simulation, so we developed this set of flying theater virtual demonstration system. By the system, we are able to accurately simulate the completion of the flying theater at the beginning phase. This allows the construction of complex flying theater, to rely less on the experience and level of technical engineers, and to ensure the success of the project and the security of investment.


 Wincomn flying theater virtual demonstration system

In addition, Wincomn, as the Chinese partners of world-famous manufacturers, such as Christie, 7thsense, Alcorn McBride, also displayed some important equipments and new products to allow visitors to experience.

CAE, one of the most professional and high quality exhibitions, attracts many equipment and service providers from the global entertainment industry.

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