China’s First 3D Dome Theater Opened
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The "Dream Great Wall" dome theater officially opened on Jun. 1st. AsChina's first 3D dome theater, "Dream Great Wall" applied a number of leading technology.



Most dome theaters inChinaare 2D contents, using dome-shaped screens to create the sense of immersion. But the "Dream Great Wall" is the first creation of 3D content, which makes the audience have more excellent visual experience.


 In order to ensure the perfect interactive experience, the theater also uses moving seats, with special effects of up, down, right, left motion, before and after pitching, left and right tilt. Meanwhile, there are other sound and sensory effects of wind through ears, back-poking, leg-sweeping and so on, which let the audience get fully immersed. When you sit at the theater, you can visually experience the magnificent scenery, feeling like the Great Wall on foot.



Wincomn is honored to be the AV sub-contractor of this project. Hansen Yang, Vice President of Wincomn, made a technical introduction on the opening ceremony. He pointed that, the "Dream Great Wall" was not only China’s 1st dome theater, covering dome projection, 3D contents, moving seats and other special effects, but also the first domestic dome theater in accordance with the International Standard of GSCA. The actual specification conforms to the design spec.


In terms of projection technology, 10 units of Christie Boxer 4K30 shoot on a giant screen of 17.5m at diameter to create a 6K*6K stereo image. For the media server, 7th sense Delta server plays the best image quality and most native color at uncompress TGA mode. Meanwhile, it also uses Scalable auto-cal system, which helps the system get recovered at short time.


The perfect effect cannot do without accurate and intelligent control. The synchronous play and control system of Alcorn make a perfect synchronization of moving seats, video playback by means of time code. At the same time, Alcorn can monitor the operation of equipments; send out the alarm and maintenance notification in time. It also supports remote maintenance, which greatly reduce the impact of the fault and protect the system's stable operation



The "Dream Great Wall", located at the foot of Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing district, is open to the public every day. Such a world leading dome theater, backed by the real scenery of the Great Wall, attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

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