Wincomn addressed in TEA Mixer
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Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Mixer, on 15th February, was hold in Beijing. And Mr. Thomas Megna, TEA Asia Pacific Board President, gathered 175+ people, including investors, creative companies, design companies, integrators, professional service provider and IP owners from theme park industry. During the gathering, Mr. Liu Zhiqiang, theme park business director of Wincomn, delivered a speech, sharing the knowledge, experience and projects of Wincomn.



Mr. Liu said:” Wincomn, with 20 years history of AVC professional application and 10 years history of cultural tourism industry in theme parks sector, is professional products and solution provider of AVC for the industry. Wincomn is dedicated to be a comprehensive AV service provider (AVC system) in China’s theme park industry, with expertise, technicality, better understanding of customer demand, international vision and reliable localization service.


For the recent years, Wincomn has undertaken several icon projects, including:

Ultimate Energy of Wuhan Wanda Movie Park

Power of Nature of Wuhan Wanda Movie Park

Fly over Jiangxi of Nanchang Wanda Movie Park

3D interactive theater of Nanchang Wanda Movie Park

Big VASE of Nanchang Wanda Movie Park

Dome Theater of Nanchang Wanda Movie Park

Fly over Anhui of Hefei Wanda Movie Park 

3D interactive theater of Hefei Wanda Movie Park

Whaleshark show of Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

3D Dome Theater “Light of Dream” of Badaling Great Wall

“Buddha Mapping”of Longmen Grotto

Spaceflight Museum of Tianyang DreamEast

O Show of Remkin Cultural Industrial Park

Dai Show of Xishuang Banna

Castle show of Hong Kong Disney

The customers Wincomn served includes Wanda, Chimelong, Tianyang (Dream East), Six Flags, Sanxian, Hengdian, JoyLand, Hot Go Park, Zhonghong, Catic World, Remkin World, Huallywood, Yongchang, etc.

For audio, video and control part of theme park industry, Wincomn could provide content creation, system design, in-depth design, installation and maintenance. Based on abundant experience in large-scale projects, Wincomn fostered effective service team and got valuable experience during cooperation with world-class teams.

Wincomn, as the partner in China market of Christie projectors, Alcorn AVC products, 7thSense 4K/8K server, could deliver the most valuable solution for customers and users.

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