Night Tour in Town for Special Show
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Gubei Water Town is a northern resort town located at the foot of Simatai Great Wall and a comprehensive international tourism destination for sightseeing, vacations, business conference and creative culture, with first-class service and facilities and best involvement and experience. The town, covering an area of 430,000 square meters, is Ming, Qing and the Republic of China style buildings including hotels, homestays, restaurants, shops, cultural presentations and perfect facilities. Gubei Water Town, famous of the must-see part night scene, is becoming the new landmark of Beijing and attracting more and more young people and foreign friends to visit during their vacations.



Among all of the buildings, the projection and fountain show of Wangjing Tower of Gubei Water Town opens to public at night. Under the starlit night, the projection on the tower echoes with the fountain and music, which deliver melodious and shocking viewing experience for visitors with the softness, beauty and magic of the town.


As the main part of the whole show, Boxer 2K30 installed in this attraction is the latest Boxer series, featuring mercury lamp of 1500hrs service life (two times compared with Xenon’s), superior color reproduction and image quality, warp and blend function and higher cost-efficiency. Boxer 2K30 integrates with HD, 2K, 30,000 lumens, 60Hz, 3DLP, robust, compact size and lightness, all of which make it the first choice for large-scale event.


Wincomn, as the partner of Christie in China market, undertook the installation and debugging of the whole system. By virtue of its leading AV resources and professional technical team, Wincomn, integrated with system integration, hardware and software development, operation safeguarding and maintenance, could supply customers and users with high-end AV service and safeguard the normal operation of attractions.

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