8K Dome Theater built up by Wincomn
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The 8K dome theater showed stunningly at China Science and Technology Museum. Wincomn worked together with ES, a US-based planetarium supplier, and used 10 units of 30,000 Lumens projectors to build up a 30-meter-diameter 8K system. The total brightness of the system reaches 300,000 lumens, while it shot up 8K@60Hz images by auto-cal and blending and created an unprecedented sense of shock and reality.


It was reported that the 8K dome theater became one of the highlights of the Seventh Special Effect Film Expo held by China Science and Technology   Museum. In order to let more viewers experience the outstanding effect of 8K projection system, the organizers specially arranged five sessions of 8K movies to open to the public.


Why does the 8K system have such wonderful visual effects? For one thing, it is designed to be a hemispherical screen with viewing angle of up to 160 degrees, which can make you live in the picture and have immersive visual effects. And for the other, the movies played at Dome Theater belong to special movies, but the market declared 8K resolution system is, in reality, not the actual 8K. According to the authority, the true 8K resolution shall have semicircle (Meridian) with at least 8000 pixels. The 8K dome theater uses 10 units of 30,000 lumens 4K projectors, which are divided into three layers, 5 projectors at 1st layer, 4 at 2nd layer and 1at the 3rd layer. In this way, it can make sure the resolution is real 8K.


The effects of ultra high resolution, high brightness, true color reproduction, immersed shocking, come from Christie Boxer projectors. It is a good choice of large-scale activities, for its excellent color reproduction and image quality, warping and blending functions, compact appearance, convenient transportation and installation. Christie is always the industrial leader, from Bill Lynn film of Director An Lee to the 8K dome projector at China Science and Technology   Museum.


Wincomm, as the Christie partner inChina, is responsible for the technical support for the entire projection system. In recent years, Wincomn has completed many similar projects, such as Nanchang Wanda theme park, Hefei Wanda flying theater and the Great Wall dome theater. Based on accumulated rich experience in the design of Dome Theater and integration, Wincomn can provide high-end AVC (audio, video and control) service for customers.

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