Harbin Wanda Park made its grand opening
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On June 30th, Harbin Wanda Park made its grand opening, including Snow Park, theme park, central theater, movie Park, hotels and shopping mall. There are two major attractions, named as "Fly over Longjiang" and "Legend of Longjiang ". Wincomn, as the AVC service provider for theme parks, participate in the construction, using video technology to create a fantastic adventure for visitors.


A "big mushroom", at the entrance of the movie park, is really eye-catching with the cute appearance and cartoon image. Projection on such an irregular shape requires for high design and commissioning skills. The Christie projectors, together with 7th Sense media server work out the challenge perfectly.


"Legend of Longjiang", an interactive theater with the world's first 5D interactive shooting gears, 6-axis trailed rides, 80+ units of Christie DWU851-Q projectors, brings a full range of interactive fun to viewers. The scene is changing as the rides moving on, and interactive shooting is designed in every scene. Therefore, the stability and synchronization of the system counts a lot. In order to meet the high requirement, Alcorn LightCue lighting controller, DVM8500 player, and V16Pro controller play an important role.


In this project, especially for the attractions of "big mushroom" and “Legend of Longjiang", Wincomn provides full integration service such as, system design, equipment supply, equipment installation, system debugging and maintenance.


"Fly over Longjiang" is a world-class super dome theater, 20-meter-diameter, and 15.8-meter-high. More than 20 units of Christie Roadster HD20K-J projectors, create a perfect immersive experience, taking the visitors to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Harbin.


Since the 1st cooperation with Wanda Changbaishan Theater in 2013, Wincomn has completed couples of projects for Wanda, such as Wuhan Wanda movie park, XSBN Dai Show, Nanchang Wanda Movie Park, Nanchang Wanda Aquarium Dome Theater, Hefei Wanda  Movie Park.


Wincomm can provide a full range of products for theme parks, as it is the long-term partner of Christie projectors, 7thSense media server, Alcorn play & control gears, Extron transmitting equipments. In addition, Wincomn has a professional technical team, providing service including system design, especially for complex projection system, equipment installation, commissioning, system control programming and system maintenance and so on.

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