The Leaders came to visit NOC of China Mobile
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On July 31st, Premier Li Keqiang, visited China Mobile and hosted a meeting there. In the NOC of China Mobile, Premier Li checked out the construction of enterprise information infrastructure,  innovation and application of technology,  "Chance & Change" platform and internet Plus industry.


The NOC plays an important role in China Mobile. The giant screen of 12.8m (W) * 2,4m (H) can monitor and gather all data from all other cities. For the monitoring purpose, it needs 7*24 operation and high stability. Wincomn is responsible for the system building and maintenance. The 2*8 display cube use LED light source, which can run for 60,000 hours and no need to change spares within 5 years. At the same time, the system has good points as, high brightness, good saturation, high color reproduction, which can meet the requirement of brightness, color and reproduction of NOC.

Wincomn offer a full service of pre-sales design, installation & commissioning, and operation support for this project.

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