Smart Display Promotes Smart Manufacture and Wincomn VR Workstat
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Nowadays, smart manufacture is a hotspot for upgrade of global manufacturing industry. It is also the only road that Chinese manufacturing industry has to go through in order to realize the leap-type upgrade. To some degree, manufacturing industry not only benefits the nation and the people, it also needs the involvement of all people of the nation. Exhibitions are emerging in large numbers everywhere in China to make people know more about Chinese smart manufacture. Therefore, there are conflicts between the need to present cutting-edge technology and the outdated presenting methods. In the Isoftstone Smart Manufacture Center, the VR workstation and laser projection displays provided by Wincomn became the highlight of the exhibition and also set a good example to solve the problem.

Different from the other exhibitions, the Center requires the diversified presentation with HD image and real-time interaction. In other words, the traditional mode with static products and video is out of date. The biggest challenge is how to present the process of smart manufacture data model. Wincomn VR workstation is quite suitable for the exhibition because the project has a high requirement for virtual stereo image and man-machine interaction .


The VR workstation system researched by Wincomn uses advanced man-machine interaction mode with CAVE techniques. By observing and experiencing the details and effects in the virtual world, the engineers and designers can highly improve their efficiency. The two workstations provide the opportunities for visitors to experience the VR image and gesture operation making the difficult exhibition explanation to real experience.


Wincomn also provides more than 30 1-chip DLP laser projection displays for the other exhibition items. The laser projection displays meet the requirements of the center compared to traditional bulb displays on the aspects of luminance, maintenance and reliability.

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The presenting method of the Center is also new and original. 15 displays project on 3 walls by U-shape together with presenting soft wares and interactive equipment show immersive experience for visitors.

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Technical service provider offers a system customization based on requirement to achieve an ideal effect.  The application of the smart display will become a solution for diversified presentation of smart manufacture.

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