Wincomn Helps to Present "the soul of the river"show
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In the year of 2017, The large-scale open cross-media show "the soul of the river" illuminated the Han city, and interpreted a vivid history.


The show is located at the center of SiMa lake in Han city's national cultural history park .As a major project in Han city of ShanXi province in 2017and one of  the Jushui river ecological landscape projects, the show involves renowned artists and creative teams both at home and abroad .As the leading A/V integrator, Wincomn also participated in the project. And the deep sleep legend of the literature and history was waken up by A/V technology and audio-visual arts.


For cultural tourism project,it is the A/V technology that bring out the crucial point.  the soul of the riveris no exception, which blends traditional culture with audio-visual technology through seven chapters , includingFancy,King Yu tamed the flood,A fish leaping over the dragon gate,The rich Han city ,The glorious History Records,Defend the Yellow Riverand Today .


As a global large-scaletechnology-leading open light water scene music show, it adopted the first lift type of dragon style framework for water curtain , three large wall panels and three water curtains are the main performance area of the show.

Combination of projection onto the water curtain, naked-eye 3D outdoor mapping, laser, fountain, fire, fog and sound delivers visitors with shocking and immersive cultural experience of the Yellow River.


In this project,Wincomn is in charge of the design and integration of the projection video system. And it involves more than 10 units of projector of 35000 lumens, shooting separately onto the water curtain of 54m in width and 15m in height wall of 70 meters in width and 23 meters in height, and the fan-shaped water curtain of 15 meters in radius; The HD media is played by the 7thSense multi-channel  uncompressed media server, and the synchronization performance is achieved through the precise timeline,and Extron optical fiber equipment for high-speed non-destructive transmission.It finally delivers the perfect presentation of video image animation.

       According to the plot demands, the constantly changing projection screen and projection mode will bring novel, shocking and immersive audio-visual experience to the audience.


The comprehensive application of audio-visual technology could makes visitors enjoy the natural scenery of the landscape and  appreciate the  unique charm of the local history and  folk culture at the same time.

       In theme parks, entertainment and other fields, as the industry insiders say,  the details determine the atmosphere, and the atmosphere inspires imagination. This is the main reason why the creative application of audio-visual technology has blossomed everywhere. Now the elements of audio and video technology are getting more and more important in creating boutique cultural tourism projects. 

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