VARIWIN and the 4K projection system installed in Zhuji Theater
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Zhuji Xishi Grand Theater, located at the cultural center of the east of Zhuji city, is an important and heavily-invested landmark cultural facility with the strategy implementation of strengthening the city in culture . It can meet the usage requirements of various events such as government meeting, high-end forum and large-scale program and performances. As the provider of A/V solutions in the industry, Wincomn has designed 4K projection schemes and VARIWIN system for the theatre to ensure that the theater meets the requirements of various high specification applications.


With the continuous improvement of technology, 4K display application becomes a trend. So in terms of projection system, Wincomn design two sets of 4k projection system with 4k resolution, more than 30000 lumens, high stability, reliability and backup of multiple bulbs, which not only can present more realistic projection display effect, also save the manpower cost and maintenance cost greatly for the theatre  .


As for system management and transmission, the theatre adopts a future-proofed 4K network distributed system ——Wincomn VARIWIN system. The system is an integrated IP A/V management system developed independently by Wincomn. It is a set of distributed graphics processing system, which can transmit the video of 4K resolution  through network by virtue of the advanced VPP——the VARIWIN  pixel lossless image algorithm and  break the limitations of the traditional matrix in the system and in space with arbitrarily deployment, unlimited extension to ensure  lossless image transmission and display via network.


At present, the theater has been officially put into use, and the  4K projection system and the VARIWIN system play an excellent and efficient role in drama performance, One Belt And One Road, Zhuji forum and other events.

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