Wincomn won two annual awards of China Large Screen Projection I
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On 8th, December , the “2017 A/V industry summit forum ” hosted by China Projection Network and Digital Sign Network and Audio Network hold a grand opening ceremony in Shenzhen. As the annual event of A/V industry in China, it has always been the most influentialand most authoritative industry event with the highest participants. And Wincomn won "The 2017 Large Screen Industry System Integration Engineering Award" and "The 2017 Annual Outstanding Case Award" in the Award Ceremony of 12th Annual Selection the Large Screen Projection Display Equipment Industry.


The 2017 Large Screen Industry System Integration Engineering Award

As the leading high-end A/V solutions provider,  Wincomn provides  high-end A/V service to customers and end-users including creative design, content production, system design, hardware/software development, hardware/software integration, operation maintenance and service, and obtained the customer's recognition and trust in many projects. 


The 2017 Annual Outstanding Case Award 

By virtue of the design, integration and implementation of multiple exhibition items of Changchun City Planning Exhibition Hall,  Wincomn won the "The 2017 Annual Outstanding Case Award".

In the Changchun City Planning Exhibition Hall project, Wincomn involved in the "Multimedia Sand Table" "Experts see Changchun" "One Belt and One Road" "Regulatory Information Desk" "AR City ""Panoramic view of Changchun" "Multiple rules in one”. And the "Multimedia Sand Table" is the most challenging one for techniques and capabilities, which is semi-spherical spacewith a huge, intelligent, large-scale city sand table on the ground, hyperboloid curved screen along the surroundingand a large screen on the top area. The design of such complex and unique sand table is unique in China, and its visual effect is very impressive.

Wincomn designed an advanced multimedia system for it, including projection system of 3 linked screens, public address system, query system, control system, etc., which can fully present the details of the sand table to the viewers, and the high quality image output is guaranteed through the advanced media player, lighting system, sound system, control system and call system which delivers visitors  with immersive experience in visual and auditory aspects.

Professional ability shows strength, honor means responsibility, Wincomn will continue to adhere to professional attitude to provide the high standard service for the customers.

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