Wincomn in Zhengzhou Meisheng brand publicity project show
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When the night fell, an architectural projection show at Zhengzhou Miaoli attracted countless passers-by. The images were lively and interesting, and fully presented on discontinuous carriers. It made the people who watched feel amazed. This was the publicity projection show for "Zhengzhou Meisheng education harbor". Wincomn completed the projection design of the show, equipment supply, installation, debugging and other work.

"Zhengzhou Mei Sheng education harbor" is a high-end real estate project invested by Meisheng Group at hundreds of millions of RMB. It aims to create Miaoli to be the fifth largest educational harbor in the world. The media, produced by first-class foreign creation team, was shown on the 22 carriers. 


The projection vector

In order to make 22 different projection surfaces into a picture, Wincomn used 8 sets of Christie WU20K-J projectors at brightness of up to 20,000 lumens. The strength of xenon lamp projectors can make sure color reproduction. As the projection carrier was irregular shape, the designers of Wincomn used the 3D model projection to determine the specific position of the projection surface. With the help of warping function of 7th Sense media server, the image was not deformed on the inclined carrier.




Projection screen

Through the careful design of Wincomn designers, and the meticulous integration process, 22 inclined images presented a complete and coherent picture perfectly. The whole media was smooth and coherent. With the coordination of lighting, sound and projection system, the whole building wall is projected exquisitely.



Projection screen

Zhengzhou Meisheng real estate Co., LTD. is a comprehensive large enterprise group. In order to improve the brand recognition of "Zhengzhou Meisheng education harbor", they adopted sloping and discontinuous buildings as projection carriers. With the beautiful pictures and perfect projection technology, the projection screen was vivid and unique. Such a projection was also an innovative application of brand promotion in real estate industry. With its rich project experience and excellent design ability, Wincomn has completed the projection work perfectly through advanced technology and equipments.

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