Wincomn built a A/V system for the Qingdao Amazon joint innovati
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Qingdao Jinshui Amazon joint innovation center is the first joint innovation center authorized by Amazon AWS headquarters.It is located in the central business circle of Licang district, Qingdao city, covering an area of 30,000 square meters,  based on amazon AWS cloud computing technology foundation and efficient incubation and accelerated operation ecosystem, the center  will build a leading and world-class Internet enterprise growth ecological platform in China.As a provider of A/V solutions, with rich project experience and high-end system solutions, Wincomn designed and constructed the projection system for the exhibition hall of the center.


The center's image publicity exhibition hall uses the curved screen as the main publicity carrier, and Wincomn uses the koshi projector to complete the projection work. After the integration and debugging of Wincomn designer,the projection picture realizes seamless connection. With the super large arc screen display, the visual effect is greatly extended, and the film's playing effect is more shocking, so that the audience can feel the scene.Meanwhile, the stable operation of the projector saves the maintenance cost for the center.


In system management and transmission, transmission system adopts a distributed network architecture, by Wincomn VARIWIN VMS control software, the control system for the distributed system, KVM, audio, the state of the equipment management, and other functions, can solve the problem of space limitations, achieve any deployment, unlimited extension, flexible manipulation.

The whole system designed by Wincomn realizes centralized control and intelligent management of the screen in the central exhibition hall, which not only facilitates users to learn and operate, but also greatly saves the operation and maintenance cost of the system.


At present the innovation center has been officially put into use, and it will  play an important role in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, cloud computing hatch, project personnel training, innovation company, local public service cloud platform construction, etc.

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