Wincomn wish you Happy Mid-autumn day!
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With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival the holiday is also beginning, do you think about where to relax with your families?

In order to save time for everyone to travel, I will recommend a few places for you,please check it out!


Beijing WTown

The northern town at the foot of the Great Wall has long had a tradition of worshiping the moon during the Mid-Autumn festival. On the square, furnace smoke curl, people pray for the moon ; In the attic, people enjoy the moon and the water, listen to music, drink with friends and relatives, and celebrate the warmest festival in the most traditional way.



The "Dream Great Wall" dome theater·Beijing

As a famous tourist attraction, the Great Wall is the inevitable choice for all visitors to Beijing. At the foot of the Great Wall, this  "Dream Great Wall" dome theater is the first entertainment experience theater in the world that integrates "dome- screen +3D+ movement". With a comprehensive 360-degree view, first-class panoramic sound effect and synchronous dynamic seats, it will take you through history and dream back to the old day.



The Bund ·Shanghai


The bund, as the start of Shanghai's modern city, is not only full of the gentle atmosphere of southern China, but also exudes the unique charm of foreign countries. The Union church on the bund blends these two different vibes into a stunning landscape. With the Mid-Autumn festival and the appreciation of different cultures, this kind of visual hedging will create a different and novel experience.


新天安教堂 (2).jpg

"China · new Chan Sect town"·Guangdong

There is a Chan Sect town at Wanfau  Guangdong, "Chan sound wall", "Space-time tunnel", "Buddha’s hand”, "bodhi tree", "Lotus Theater ”and other performances with religious colors are unique. Under the background of images, lighting, music and the stage, the whole town seems to exude the light of faith.You can enjoy the most diverse performance forms and the most exquisite changes of light and shadow with your family at here.



Bao 'an district urban planning museum·Shenzhen 

Baoan district urban planning pavilion elegant lace annulus, antique semicircle arch, lifelike movable type of roof is on the representation of history and Chinese classical culture inheritance, and various electronic sand table, the display indicates the city for a better future, if you want to feel the beauty of Shenzhen, this is the best choice.


Hunan museum·Hunan 

The Mid-Autumn is nostalgic, is a lot of literati reunion night in this most often issued sigh. The past time always has a mysterious color, people can only imagine a complete past from the remains, all the time the blank is fascinating. Hunan museum can fill these gaps and bring you a rich and wonderful, technological sense of the old time.



Sidong wonderland· Guizhou

The Sidonggou scenic spot in Guizhou is known as "a scenic spot with no fault", which shows the beauty of its natural scenery. The Mid-Autumn festival, this is full of myths and legends of the festival, at this time if you can enjoy a visit to the fairyland like  Sidonggou, at day to see the magic of nature, at night to watch the performance of the strange land.



Dan Crane Tower·Shaanxi

Dan Crane Tower in Shang Luo of Shaanxi province , is a model of Tang - style attic building,. The Mid-Autumn festival originated in the early years of the Tang dynasty, and Dan Crane Tower is a Tang-style building. The appreciation of the moon here has a sense of imitation of the flavor of the Tang dynasty.

丹鹤楼 (2).jpg


 Harbin wanda park·Heilongjiang

Due to its special geographical environment, Harbin wanda park is featured in the indoor project, which avoids the inconvenient factors brought by the weather changes, and you can bring families here to relax at any time. Ha-cheng street, lilac wonderland, ingan snowfield, Ussuri fishing songs, celebrating the time of the five themes division will certainly give you a wonderful colorful memories.



Nanchang wanda park·Jiangxi 

Nanchang wanda park has a large outdoor theme park, science and technology movie park, the world's largest indoor Ocean Park and other parks. If you want to experience the thrill and excitement brought by science and technology movies, and the mystery and charm of Ocean Park, you must choose Nanchang wanda park. From science and technology to natural biology, different experiences are bound to yield different results.



Hong kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge

Bridge, a symbol of harmony and peace in Chinese culture, has been a regular visitor to festivals since ancient times. As a super project in China, the Hong kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge has long been well-known. From the superb construction technology of the bridge to the appearance of the bridge itself, the bridge is a great place to visit. Driving across the bridge, the boundary between the sea and the sky blurred, clouds directly into the water sunset,its full of  romantic.


In all the places recommended above,Wincomn has participated in the design and construction of video and audio system or conference system. I hope you can feel the sincere blessing from Wincomn while experiencing it!

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