Wincomn participated in the lights show "The great beauty of Don
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As an important source of Chinese culture, Dongyi culture is a culture with independent system, unique style, no continuity and lasting and far-reaching cultural influence. It has an important historical position and great contribution in the historical development and cultural creation of the Chinese nation.In order to fully make people feel the charm of traditional culture and show the beauty of Dongyi culture, the large-scale cross-platform live show of the interactive image of "The great beauty of Dongyi"  was officially staged, which is also the first large-scale comprehensive light show project in Shandong province.Wincomn designed, installed and synthetically debugged the projection show.




The wall of the Dongyi cultural museum is composed of three curved outer walls. The wall area is huge, the surface is curved and uneven and the height is constantly changing, which leads to the problems of extremely complex projection light path, shielding and deep field of lens.Therefore, Wincomn adopted over 20 Christie DLP laser projectors (D20wu-HS) with 20,000 lumens for this project, which simulated the optical path through a precise three-dimensional model and solved the problem of optical path.At the same time, with the help of the powerful depth of field processing capability of the Christie projector itself, the projection picture can be clearly presented, and the entire installation program enables the film to be continuously, completely and beautifully displayed



In addition, one of the features of this project is the performance carrier with large area, which has high requirements for the projector's color imaging and picture completion. Meanwhile, the bright red background color of the wall surface will seriously affect the picture color.By making full use of the unique Boldcolor dual-color laser technology of the projector, Wincomn maximized the performance of the projector through the design method of double-machine superposition, enabling the projection picture to present exquisite color authenticity on the large-area carrier, and the display effect was very vivid.



After debugging, more than 20 projectors accurately presented vivid colors and high brightness, which made the film play more brilliant and successfully brought the audience into the situation.The whole performance is under the comprehensive application of laser, light, projection, dry ice spray and sound effects, and becomes dreamlike and the effect is shocked, bringing a surreal visual experience to the audience.




At present, the projection show has been open to the public. While telling the audience about Linyi's past life and present life, it also presents an extreme visual feast for the masses with the help of various scientific and technological elements, satisfying people's pursuit of deeper beauty.

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