True Laser·Win Future—Christie New RGB Laser Roadshow
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On November 28th,  Christie new true laser product and technical Roadshow with the theme of "True Laser·Win Future" was officially launched. This roadshow is the first close contact with the public for the "RealLaser" RGB projectors that Christie is dedicated to build, and also the first centralized display of  Christie  new  full range of laser projectors. Attendees can come to the site to experience the unique features of these products, and at the same time, they can have in-depth exchange of technology and experience with the site staff. We look forward to your visit!


D4K40 - RGB projectors

The highlight product in this exhibition is the brand new RGB three-primary-color laser source series projectors launched by Christie. This projector can achieve high brightness and color authenticity and have advantages in flexibility and stability.


Christie HS series laser projectors

At the same time, the latest full series of laser projectors of Christie will be displayed during the roadshow, which are very comprehensive, including the series of laser models like Christie HS, GS, Captiva and Crimson; covering brightness from 5000 lumens to the highest 40,000 lumens; including resolutions of HD, WUXGA, WXGA, 4K, etc.; showcasing Christie BoldColor technology, RealBlack ™ technology and Christie RealLaser technology. The whole series of Christie laser projectors have unique advantages in color reproduction, which can reflect more vivid images and meet the effect requirement of various occasions.


Wincomn  project case

Another highlight of the roadshow is the case sharing of the projects completed by Wincomn, which involve various aspects such as meeting room, stage performance, outdoor mapping and live performance. These are typical projects in various fields, which can demonstrate the functional features and charm of products to attendees more intuitively. With new products and abundant cases, we will deliver for the participants with a unique exchange meeting.




November 28th



Beijing Grand Millennium Hotel

December 4th



Shanghai Hongqiao JinJiang Hotel

December 11th



Futian Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen

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