Wincomn participates in the light&projection show of Jinan Liber
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Wincomn participates in the light&projection show of Jinan Liberation Pavilion

As the landmark building of Jinan, Liberation Pavilion has important historical significance. Wincomn participated in the projection show and carried out the design, installation and debugging of the video and audio system. The combination of art and science and technology makes the Liberation Pavilion with the sense of historical depth glow with new vitality.


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Liberation Pavilion is a pavilion style building, with a wide stone base, between the base and the attic are numerous zigzagging up step, creating layer-upon-layer visual effect. Although this architectural style makes the attic look grand and solemn, it is very difficult to image the media, because the attic depth of field is more than 40 meters ,which is not easy for projectors to focus. At the same time, the trees and green plants of the Liberation Pavilion square also influence the projection effect.


For this project, Wincomn selected 10 Christie D20WU-HS laser projectors, which were designed as four projector stacked, each one shooting on the same area of different depth. The projectors have excellent picture quality play and color reproduction, which ensures the imaging effect of the media on different pictures. After careful debugging, ten projectors perfectly shoot onto the attic, displaying vivid and lifelike effect.


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The content of the projection show are mainly about   liberation history of Jinan and spring culture with diverse content from the ancient to modern times. In order to fully restore the contentof different elements such as legend, war, landscape, lotus and science and technology, Wincomn adopts 7thSense lossless media player to realized undamaged and uncompressed video and audio playback, achieving exquisite reproduction of diversified content. And using Alcorn control system to control the network to ensure the synchronous play of video and audio.


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Wincomn, with rich experience about outdoor mapping and square performance, has participated in a large number of similar projects, such as the legend square projection show of Qitaihe in Heilongjiang, the wall projection show of Zhengzhou Meisheng brand publicity, the Dan Crane Tower projection show in Shaanxi, the creative lighting show of Gubei Water Town, the 5D show of Wuxi and the lighting show of Kaifeng Tower. And with professional technology, engineering, after-sales team and A/V system design ability, Wincome could deliver a visual feast for cutomers.

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