Amazing presentation of Wincomn &Christie Roadshow Shanghai
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On December 4th, the theme of "True Laser·Win Future” roadshow is held in Shanghai. Guests from Shanghai and east China gather together.


Christie D4K40-RGB true laser projector  impressed on everyone


Opening video which is vivid, colorful ,sharp , and brings all guests visual-shock.The video is projected by the latest D4K40 - RGB true laser projector of Christie , the highlights of this projector are Native 4K , all-in-one and Pure RGB. By combining the progress of the latest laser technology,it makes a breakthrough in brightness, color rendering, image uniformity, high contrast and the operating life and so on .





Christie laser complete series projectors 

In this show, it is the complete series of laser projectors of Christie displayed together , including the series of laser projectors like Christie Captiva, HS, GSand Crimson; covering brightness from 5000 lumens to 40,000 lumens; resolutions of HD, WUXGA, WXGA, 4K, etc.; and Christie BoldColor technology, RealBlack ™ technology ,Christie RealLaser technology.etc. 



Whether 4000 lumens or in the highest 40000 lumens, including resolutions of HD, WUXGA, WXGA, 4K, etc,  and they have a variety of exclusive technology, Christie BoldColor technology, Christie RealBlack ™ technology and Christie RealLaser lighting technology, are present in front of an audience in the hall at the same time.



Various technical exchanges and sharing


Mr. Tony Chen, chairman and general manager of Wincomn, express his gratitude to the guests in his speech. At the same time, he introduces the business scope ,team and  the friendly cooperation with Christie for more than ten years, emphasizes the corporate culture of "win-win".And He says Wincomn will provide high-quality solutions, professional technical support, perfect after-sales service, meet the needs of customers , partners and markets.


Mr.Ken Wheatley, Senior Director Global Business Development , delivers a speech with the  theme of "Deliver Experiences Create Memories",and introduce the entertainment industry and  projection technology trend, share a lot of important technical concepts and future development  trend to automatically generate ideas , in the end he introduce global classical case of projection.


Ms.  April Qin , senior sales manager of Christie ,shares the latest technologies and products of Christie. In terms of products, she introduces the product features of 3DLP and 1DLP projectors respectively, and shares the excellence of Christie true laser technology and Christie BoldColor technology 


Mr. Hansen Yang , Vice General Manager of Wincomn, make a technical sharing on the application of various projectors in the field of cultural tourism, summarize the challenges of projection technology in different project environments, and analyze various Wincomn cases .


Mr. Bill Li, the product manager of Wincomn, share his experience in  Intell-conferencing. He introduce the design skills of projection system through the actual requirements of different types of conference rooms and lecture halls.

Diverse exhibition, Warm Communicate




Wincomn has profession experience and excellent technical team combined with advanced products of Christie projector, will bring the project high value.Now Wincomn has become a trusted partner of many well-known customers.




Shanghai is the headquarters of Christie China, and Wincomn also establish a branch office in Shanghai very early.Wincomn and Christie also achieve good results in east China, and participated in many eye-catching projects together:Such as the Shanghai world EXPO, Shanghai Haichang ocean park, Shanghai nature museum , Shanghai Union Church, Ningbo zhongshan Road mapping show, Yancheng  smart city exhibition hall, Rugao car museum,  Wuxi 5D light show,Hengdian New Yuanming Palace water show, Changzhou national geographic experience project, Shanghai 21st century, etc


The next station will be held in Shenzhen on December 11th.Welcome to visit!


December 11th


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