Wincomn &Christie Roadshow Closed In Shenzhen
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On December 11th, the theme of "True Laser·Win Future” roadshow is Closed in Shenzhen Cutting-edge products, wonderful speech and .heated discussion impress on every visitor.


Christie D4K40-RGB true laser projector defines the beauty of true lasers

40000 lumen,4K resolution, 120Hz, RGB pure Laser, light up the "True Laser ""True 4K" "True Life "3T slogan of Christ An vivid, colorful ,sharp opening video brings all guests visual-shock. The video is projected by Christie latest D4K40 - RGB true laser projector, the highlights of which are Native 4K , all-in-one and Pure RGB. By combining the progress of the latest laser technology, it makes a breakthrough in brightness, color rendering, image uniformity, high contrast and the operating life and so on,. In addition,the light weight of the projector makes it ideal for flexible installation.





Christie complete series projectors are displayed together

In this show, Christie all series of laser projectors are displayed together, with different laser technology, different brightness, different resolution, different chip technology, for different installations, including the series of laser Christie Captiva, GS, HS and Crimson and above mentioned D4K40 - RGB projector.


Full range projectors from 4000 lumens to the highest 40,000 lumens; From HD, WXGA, WUXGA to 4K resolution; From Christie BoldColor technology, Christie RealBlack ™ technology to Christie RealLaser lighting technology, are exhibited at the same time.




Informative speeches, face-to-face  exchanges

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Mr. Tony Chen, Chairman And General Manager of Wincomn, expresses his gratitude to Christie team for the friendly cooperation in the past more than ten years, emphasizes the corporate culture of "win-win". And he says Wincomn will provide high-quality solutions, professional technical support, complete after-sales service to meet the needs of customers , partners, and the markets with times.

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Mr.Chris Kee, Executive Director Of Christie, shares with us Christie solutions for the entire value chain, introduces the design concept of Christie products, and summarizes the characteristics of D4K40-RGB projector, Crimson series projector, HS series projector, GS series projector, Captiva ultra-short focus projector and other series of products. He also amplified on the excellence of Christie true laser in color range and color saturation,

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Ms.  April Qin , Senior Sales Manager Of Christie , introduces the philosophy of Christie "Helping Customers Create And Provide The Best Common Experience In The World", the history of Christie over the past decades, and the engineering principle of Christie "Satisfying End-User Experience With Advanced Electronics, Lighting Technology And System Design". At the same time, she also affirmes the outstanding contribution of Wincomn onincreasing Christie market share .

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Mr. Hansen Yang , Vice General Manager of Wincomn,start from the concept of projection, elaborates the coordination between system design and screen, lighting, audience and content, combine with the different characteristics of indoor and outdoor projection application, proposes the design key points. Finally, he also introduces the A/V system design ability of Wincomn team, especially the previous experience of complex projection system.

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Mr. Bill Li, The Product Manager Of Wincomn, Shares the design of projection system in conference roomand control room.He introduces the key technology points in four typical applications such as cluster conference room, multifunctional lecture hall, control and command center, and conference and control complex, etc..

The Crowd at The Exhibition Site is Enthusiastic in Exchange

During the roadshow of Shenzhen station, the exchange among visitors is very hot and extensive, from the projection technology to the actual products on display, from the case of Wincomn to the integrated installation. the scene full of excitement.





South China, represented by Shenzhen, is a mature and important market of Wincomn, and we has participated in many excellent projects in this area. For example, Shenzhen civic center, Shenzhen Ping'an Financial Center, China Merchants Bank, Hilton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, OCT East, Baoan Planning Management, Tencent, Huawei, Tamar Government Headquarters Building, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Opera Center, Macau Parisian Convention and Exhibition Center, Macao Venetian Theater, etc.

Although the roadshow has closeded, Wincomn will still adhere to the concept of "win-win " and bring excellent system products and high quality services!

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