The 2019"Concentric Efforts To Win The Future" Annual Meeting He
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January 17th-19th, 2019,the"Concentric Efforts To Win The Future" theme annual meeting of Wincomn held successfully.And this time Wincomn chose to held the meeting in Gubei town which is located at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall. And the mapping show of Wangjing tower in this town is completed by Wincomn participation.
First, the company held the annual sales summary meeting and training meeting from 17th to 18th. At the conclusion meeting, the company announced that its performance has maintained stable growth for three consecutive years. Then, The company has conducted comprehensive training for its employees according to market characteristics.


At the annual summary meeting on the afternoon of 18th, Mr. Chen honghui, chairman and general manager of Wincomn, made the annual work summary at the meeting. At the end of the summary, he mentioned the key word of Wincomn in 2019 is "comprehensive promotion year", which pointed out the clear direction for the development of the company in the New Year.


Mr. Fang neng, deputy general manager of the commission business department, made a summary speech on the commission business. He said that in addition to the continuous expansion of hardware system integration business, the commission business has also made a qualitative improvement.For example,Wincomn VARIWIN has a significant growth rate, and three major business solution software platforms of commission -- intelligent management platform of exhibition management supervision and maintenance, integrated management platform of cluster conference rooms, and control and management platform of joint command center have been widely used. Meanwhile, new business direction in 2019 has been determined
Mr. Yang yingjun, vice general manager of culture and tourism business department, summarized the new breakthrough of culture and tourism department in the past year, and completed some unique domestic design projects, such as Haichang Ocean Park dome-screen project.And The company has been listed in the top 100 cultural industries of private enterprises in Beijing, the cultural tourism business has entered a new stage.
After the summary meeting, the annual award ceremony of the company was held to commend and reward the advanced employees of the department and the excellent employees who have served the company for ten years.


At the dinner, with the end of Mr. Chen honghui's New Year's greetings, the big screen played the New Year's greetings video recorded by colleagues of the company. In the real blessings and laughter, Wincomn people from all over the country celebrated the arrival of the New Year with wine and joy, and the dinner drew a satisfactory full stop in the warm and joyful atmosphere.
After the dinner, the tour of the town officially began. Watch the water dance show at Wangjing tower, visit the town at night, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the night, and enjoy the hot spring SPA. The next day, Wincomn people climbed the Great Wall of Simatai, feeling the vitality and cohesion of the team. While appreciating the pleasant scenery of the classical town and the precipitous and peculiar features of the Great Wall, our colleagues have also made full preparations for the opportunities and challenges of the New Year!






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