UNIGINE Corp. is an international company focused on real-time 3D technologies. Established in 2005, it offers cutting edge B2B solutions for simulation, visualization, video games, scientific research, virtual reality systems and more, and has received worldwide acclaim.

UNIGINE Sim is a cutting-edge real-time 3D engine designed for the Simulation and Training, Real-Time Visualization, and Virtual Reality industries.

This flexible technology framework features unique combination of near-realism visual quality, outstanding performance, and support for unbounded, detailed scenarios.



The human brain receives 80-90% of information through the eyes. UNIGINE Sim brings unprecedented visual fidelity to virtual image generation, drastically increasing immersion.
  • Realistic Lighting and Shadows


  • Every 3D asset looks near-photorealistic with the UNIGINE image generator due to sophisticated shading (with support for the most advanced Shader Model 5.0) and lighting models and life-like post-processing. Dynamic soft shadows with support for PSSM technology add a lot of detail to the scene.
  • Accurate Atmosphere Model



Every flight simulator requires realistic visual model for the virtual atmosphere. UNIGINE Sim provides life-like skies featuring:

  • *Atmospheric light scattering based on Rayleigh and Mie models with support for physical parameters like turbidity, altitude, depolarization and more
  • *Dynamic time of day model
  • *The Earth curvature simulation
  • *Dynamic weather effects, including wind affecting objects, rain, lightning, and snow
  • *Night sky with the moon and correlated stars
  • *Volumetric 3D clouds with shadows

  • Steady 60 Hz


Image courtesy of JSC "ALMAZ-ANTEY" MSDB", an affiliate of JSC "Concern "Almaz-Antey"

UNIGINE Sim can handle over tens of thousands of dynamic objects in the complex, detailed scenarios with steady 60 Hz performance:

  • *Extremely optimized renderer
  • *Great multi-GPU scalability
  • *Fine control over quality/performance ratio for all modules
  • *Comprehensive performance profiling


  • Advanced Special Effects


  • There is a large selection of advanced SFXs to give your image an impressive look:
    • *Screen-space ambient occlusion
    • *Global illumination
    • *High dynamic range rendering
    • *Color grading
    • *Eye adaptation effect
    • *Volumetric lights
    • *Height-based volumetric fog


  • Large Visibility Distance


  • Achieve tens of kilometers worth of object visibility thanks to the following:
    • *Advanced LOD system
    • *Increased camera precision
    • *Performance-optimized procedurally placed objects
    • *Massive vegetation rendering


  • Particle Systems


  • Even more effects can be easily added to the scene thanks to the powerful particle systems with support for force fields and soft particle interaction available in UNIGINE Sim right out-of-the box, including the following:
    • *Various types of explosions
    • *Gun fire
    • *Smoke
    • *Rotor whirlwinds: brownout, water splashes


  • Unique Material System


  • UNIGINE Sim features unique material system with support for material hierarchy, inheritance, and parameter overloading. There is a plethora of ready-to-use base materials available in the SDK, alongside with numerous samples, so you can use the latest graphics technologies without writing any code. There is also support for HLSL and GLSL shaders if custom materials are required.


  • Flexible Rendering Pipeline


  • Image courtesy of Ai3D Pty Ltd
    Another unique feature is configurable rendering modes:
    • *Pure forward rendering (best quality)
    • *Pure deferred rendering (support for large amounts of fast dynamic lights, good for low-level hardware)
    • *Mixed mode
    Additionaly, the set of rendering passes can be controlled even during runtime, providing unprecedented flexibility of the rendering pipeline.


  • Multi-API Renderer


  • UNIGINE Sim supports different graphical APIs, maximizing the use of each platforms’ capabilities:
    • *DirectX 9
    • *DirectX 11
    • *OpenGL
    • *OpenGL ES


  • Tailored for MS&T


  • Unlike game-specific engines, UNIGINE Sim is designed to meet the specific needs of the simulation and virtual reality industries with support for:
    • *Multi-channel rendering
    • *CAVE support
    • *Asymmetric projections
    • *Support for monitor walls
    • *Non-linear image correction
    • *Edge blending
    • *Multiple stereo 3D modes
    Read more on simulation-specific features of the engine
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