Wincomn conducted training for employees on krinda T20

Author: Wincomn


Recently, Wincomn conducted product training for the newly launched  krinda T20, which is a projector used in the simulation field.

Wincomn conducted training for employees on  krinda T20

Krinda T20 is a new generation of single DLP projector designed and optimized for professional visual simulation applications. It can be applied to product development, production, R & D simulation process control, optimization, simulation training, immersive exhibition, etc.

 Wincomn conducted training for employees on  krinda T20

During this training, the researchers analyzed the current pain points and demands in simulation application from the needs of the simulation market, and explained the advantages of Krinda T20 simulation projector in simulation operation projects through actual project design cases - Krinda T20 can not only meet the application needs of professional visualization (including VR and simulation), but also be suitable for project applications of public types, At the same time, the stable and reliable quality of the projector is more conducive to the overall design of the system and improve the standardization rate of system components.


Wincomn conducted training for employees on  krinda T20

T20 luminous flux output 8000ANSI lumens, physical resolution 1920x1200, using laser light source, service life up to 20000 hours, energy saving and environmental protection, system level optimization.

The system level optimization provided by T20 mainly includes: it can realize ultra-low black level output, and the black level is 1/8 lower than that of conventional products; In the multi-channel fusion state, optical fusion film is not required for various brightness scene applications; Support the compatibility of sports platform with acceleration no less than 3G; Support the multilateral fusion of various complex surfaces; Support frame sequence active stereo and stereo signal frequency doubling; Fully enclosed optical mechanical design, suitable for harsh working environment.

T20 has 7 types of adaptive lenses, which can provide more installation positions and modes. Combined with the application characteristics, users can also select lenses based on different f coefficients.

Wincomn has rich project experience in the field of visual simulation. In recent years, successful cases include: China Aerospace Technology Group, China shipbuilding group, CNOOC, Qingdao Sifang Bombardier and other customers provide system solutions, including system design, engineering services and technical support, focusing on creating a more efficient and intelligent virtual simulation operating environment for enterprises.