Wincomn won the Golden Crown Award

Author: Wincomn


Recently, the ' Golden Crown Award' activity, which was hosted by the Asia Attractions magazine, was officially concluded. After expert voting, public jury voting and reconsideration, Wincomn won the Award of Outstanding Lighting and Water Curtain and Performing Arts Supplier for its two projects of '360° Circular projection of Haihua Island Museum No. 4' and ' Universal Beijing Resort -- 'Harry Potter: taboo Tour '. 

The 'Golden Crown Award' selection activity held by the Asia Attractions magazine aims to select excellent enterprises, project cases, high-quality parks and role models through fair, impartial and authoritative selection methods, encourage high-end quality, well-known brands, high-quality services, innovative technology, actively adopt, explore, innovate and dare to be the first concept and practice, and jointly promote the progress of the industry with the majority of excellent participating units, Promote the prosperity and development of China's cultural tourism.

Wincomn won the Golden Crown Award

Outstanding light, shadow, water curtain and performance Supplier Award

The art and Technology Museum of hall 4 of Haihua Island Museum is the first 360 ° Digital Media Art Museum in Hainan Province, with a construction area of 1639 square meters. The main contents of the venue are a ring curtain with a diameter of 30 meters and an open ground of more than 700 square meters, which display the artist's paintings in an immersive way. Wincomn has provided dozens of laser projectors for Hall 4 to project the circular screen and the ground respectively. In the process of deepening the design, it has technically demonstrated the rationality of the installation point of each projector to ensure the exquisite presentation effect of each picture and the integration effect of the whole picture. The brightness, color reduction and picture uniformity of the whole projection system perfectly reproduce the artist's works and bring a shocking and realistic visual experience to the audience

Wincomn won the Golden Crown Award

Wincomn won the Golden Crown Award

Haihua Island Museum No. 4 Art and Science Museum

Universal Beijing Resort has invested about 50 billion and has been building for nearly 20 years. It is the most advanced representative of world-class technology, art and entertainment in its top IP. Universal Studios, a subcontractor of the audio and video system in the popular theme area of Universal Studios in Beijing, has participated in the construction of the highest standard audio-visual system in Universal Studios. The most advanced audio-visual technology, IP, enables visitors to enter the world of dreams and obtain the ultimate sensory experience.

Wincomn won the Golden Crown Award

Universal Beijing Resort -- 'Harry Potter taboo Tour'

This award is the second time that Wincomn has stood out in the selection of 'Amusement industry · Golden Crown Award', which also shows that Wincomn has never stopped from being professional to outstanding. In the future, Wincomn will, as always, bring more high-quality project construction to customers and users in the cultural and tourism industry with high-end quality, high-quality service and innovative technology.