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Wincomn involved in the Four Channel wonderland project
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Case introduction

     In order to make the project perfectly present to visitors, Wincomn has configured a number of Christie projectors from 10,000 lumens to 35,000 lumens along the nearly two-kilometer-long tourist route,  shooting video image onto the mountains,  the bamboo forest,  the waterfall, and the veil curtain. Meanwhile, in addition to the excellent Christie projection, Wincomn also specially customize the high-tech outdoor projection incubator for the projection system, which features waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection and other professional characteristics to ensure perfect projection display. it's achieved the sync performance of projection area and precise playback and control of A/V system  ,by using the precise timecode control between the most advanced British 7thSense media server in the industry and the American Alcorn V16 Pro show control system.


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