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Wincomn VARIWIN System Build The Intelligent Control Conference
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Wincomn VARIWIN System Build The Intelligent Control Conference

In the system design, the advanced VARIWIN distributed architecture is adopted to ensure the independence of the equipment, avoiding the application of the whole system is affected by the problem of a certain device, and facilitate the use of new conference rooms for the hospital. At the same time, the backup system is make the conference more stable and reliable.

In the aspect of control and management, the professional VARIWIN software management platform is adopted to achieve preview monitoring of A/V switching through flat panel control mode, which greatly simplifies the work flow and reduces manual operation errors. The system will independently encrypt the non-wifi security network and improve the security of the system.

The conference rooms adopt the network-based transmission mode to achieve the interconnection of various conference rooms and expand the number of participants. At the same time, it can be flexibly configured according to the use requirements, so that it can be handled separately and independently, which greatly saves conference room resources. The control room adopts centralized management mode, one control room can control all conference rooms, reduce management staff and save manpower cost for the hospital.


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