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Wincomn participates in the projection of Linjiang bridge tower
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In the night, a beautiful and magnificent projection show is being staged on the Linjiang Bridge Tower in Wuhu. The colorful Linjiang Bridge Tower echoes the reflection of the river. Rice, fish and lake scenery are competing on the bridge tower. Many citizens look up to record this amazing moment with their mobile phones.

In order to meet the Yangtze River Delta Summit in 2019,  Wuhu launched the project of "Ten-mile River Bay Nightscape Brighting Project". The Linjiang Bridge Tower Projection Show is one of the projects. Wincomn  participated in the project's projection work, providing services such as projection source design, production and projection system design.

Wuhu Linjiang Bridge Tower is designed according to the shape of fish. This building uses steel girder as fish ridge, aluminum alloy panel and glass curtain wall as fish scale, which integrates the local characteristics of Wuhu. The building has won many architectural awards and is one of the most iconic buildings in Wuhu.




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