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Wincomn Participates in Chengdu Sunac Dark Riding
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Chengdu Sunac covers an area of 515000 square meters, with a total investment of about 2.88 billion yuan. It has six major theme areas, a total of 31 sets of large-scale amusement equipment, multiple high-tech performance theaters, more than 1400 cute animals and more than 4400 interactive performances throughout the year. The rich entertainment scenes can meet the needs of all age groups.

Wincomn has participated in the construction of the super large natural experience riding project "Skyway Adventure" and the high-tech light and shadow interactive experience venue "Star Club".

The total area of "Skyway Adventure" is more than 10000 square meters, the real scene combines with a variety of special-shaped screens, 360 ° rotating dynamic rail car and other high-tech technologies, together with a variety of visual and environmental effects to create a thrilling adventure journey. Wincomnhas carried out the detailed design of projection optical path, the integration installation and debugging of video and audio system for the project.



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