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Wincomn Laser Large Screen Display System is used in a Power Gri
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The laser large screen display system is the largest exhibition project in the exhibition hall, with an area of 10 m × 2.5m. Wincomn adopts customized arc fusion screen to form the whole seamless main screen, and designs the perfect screen size according to the space and decoration requirements.The large screen work is completed by using the D13WU-HS laser projectors,and the projector has a brightness of up to 13500 lumens, high resolution and high definition, and adopts Boldcolor technology to make the picture color more real and the image picture more excellent.Three projectors project for the whole screen.,after integration and debugging, the resolution of the whole screen reaches 6K, and the details of the screen display are lifelike, uniform and consistent, which meets the use requirements of the exhibition hall.

After the completion of the design, the large screen system of the hall is clear,stable, reliable and long-term use, almost without maintenance, which not only fully demonstrates the technical characteristics of the big data center of Nari company, but also saves the later maintenance cost.


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