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Wincomn's U.M.M.M.Solution was implemented in Shenzhen Conventio
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Case introduction

Wincomn's U.M.M.M.Solution was implemented in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center to solve the management problems of large and complex conference rooms

Recently, Wincomn adopts the U.M.M.M.Solution for the center, which is applied to 20 sub control rooms of the whole convention and exhibition Center. The purpose is to realize the daily use and monitoring of large conference rooms and multi conference room clusters with the minimum manpower for the center.

The use needs of the exhibition center mainly focus on three points: first, manage the large conference room and multi conference room cluster with the least manpower; second, respond to the different use needs of the management personnel, staff, conference speakers and participants at all levels of the exhibition center; third, control and coordinate the normal operation of the whole system to ensure the work quality and customer demand.


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