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Wincomn participates in the construction of immersive projection
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Wincomn participates in the construction of immersive projection system of Manchester United theatre of dreams

On May 1, the first "Manchester United theatre of dreams" created by Manchester United Football Club and Huarui entertainment officially opened in Beijing. Through the application of top technology and the introduction of different formats, the theater has presented the Old Trafford stadium in original style, which makes every visitor feel the fanatic atmosphere of the greatest football club in the world and gives a surprise to the fans!

In order to provide visitors with a new experience of sports and football, the theatre has created a new offline consumption scene of sports theme through cutting-edge interactive facilities and rich technological experience.

The theatre has three floors, including the Manchester United themed dining area on the first floor, the "Manchester United journey" exhibition hall on the second floor, the underground "Manchester United experience" interactive game area and the official authorized store.


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