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Christie magic show at the largest aquatic theatre
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The brightest Christie large projection system in the largest multi-media modernized aquatic theatre of the world—Shenzhen OCT BAY aquatic theatre. Grand performing multi-media laser theme aquatic show <Mangrove Groove>, crossing a water screen stage of more than 120 meters, together with laser fireworks and music fountain, Christie has created a unique immersive full view visual feast of water and flame as well as light and shade.

Shenzhen OCT BAY aquatic theatre which can seated 2595 persons, is created by OCT Urban Entertainment Co.,Ltd and prestigious France company ECA2, covering nearly 10,000 ㎡. < Mangrove Groove > is the first multi-media laser theme aquatic show of the world and is the largest, most advanced aquatic show.

It is said that, this theatre has been installed 5 Roadie HD+35K projectors of which are 35000 lumens and are the brightest one in the world, together with 2 Roadster S+20K projectors of which is 20000 lumens with Christie Nitro YK200 rocker arms. All of them acrossing on a water screen stage, more than 120 meters, project and fuse image according to the style and shape of the stage. The image is really flexible, for it can be changed instantly. Meanwhile, the stage props “the moon” is projected while being tracked by the CNC lifting system, and “the moon” can rise up and go down gently, how life-like it is!  These ultra high brightness projectors of which are 35000 lumens and 20000 lumens let the creative image gushing out at a dark night.


The brightness of 3 Roadie HD+35K projectors projecting on 3 water screens is bright enough, no need to use lots of projector stack together;

2 Roadie HD+35K projectors projects in the middle of a huge stage;

2 Roadster S+20K (20000 lumens) projectors are installed on Nitro YK200 rocker arms, so that they can be projected neatly, not only can be projected on the side of stage, also can be projected back and forth on the stage freely, and one of Roadster S+20K projectors may be used to lift “the moon” as well.

According to the information, Christie Nitro YK200 rocker arms together with 20000 lumens S+20K projectors are specially designed for the show, and they are of high brightness and stability, can nearly project vivid image, video and light effect on any surface and the visual effect can be more creative and special. Christie Roadie HD+35K projector of which is 35000 lumens is still the brightest projector of the world, it can provide high resolution HD image, excellent color gamut and life-like video. Using a special and flexible split design, makes it more reliable and operational and it’s the best choice for large show.

When the OCTBAY video technician He Yuan is interviewed, he praised the projection effect, “Christie projectors really have great performance, the brightness is good and the color is fresh, it’s totally out of our imagination.”

Basic facts:
Projectors: 5 Christie Roadie HD+35K projectors, 2 Christie Roadster S+20K projectors with 2 Christie NitroYK200 rocker arms.
Projection objects: water screen, stage, lifting “moon”
User requirements: projectors should plug and play, highly bright, highly reliable.
Results: Christie projectors operate stably and reliably, “Christie projectors really have great performance, the brightness is good and the color is fresh, it’s totally out of our imagination.”


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