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Wincomn Nationwide Roadshow Whipping up Audio Visual Storm
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Win Your Way to the Top, the 6thWincomntop A/V solution roadshowset sail from Shanghai, whipping up audio visual storm with innovative activities scheduling, top leading brands display, cutting-edge products application and keynote speech from senior managements.

The next station will be held on July 9th, 10:00am-16:30pm at BC, Regent,China Hotel, Guangzhou. You are always welcome to join us. Contact information: Mr. Li, 18665828558.

For this roadshow, Wincomnwill include global leading and professional A/V brands from USA,Denmark, Austria, Russia, Germany, France and entertainment interaction and simulation applications self-developed by Wincomn, which are:


« Projector with advanced technology- Christie from USA

« Optical screen capable of delivering superior image in bright environment-dnp from Denmark

« The most reliable signal transmission, processing and control device- Extron from USA

« Beyond traditional digital conference system- Shure DIS from USA

« Top visualizer with special technology- WolfVision from Austria

« Outstanding show control devices widely applied to theme park- Alcorn McbrideInc (AMI) from USA

« Uncompressed media server,4/8K,60fps- 7th Sense from UK

« Movie-level next generation real time simulation engine- Unigine from Russia

« Auto-calibration software with edge blending- Domeprojection from Germany

« 3Dmodelpreparation softwarewith the features ofadaption and optimization-Gpurefrom France

« Location tracking and interactive control system-ART from Germany

« Powerful and professional terrain generation tool-Train3D Builder from Germany

« Interactive entertainment software for attraction and theme park-Wincomn from China

« Patented L-type virtual simulation platform-Wincomn from China


There are ten experience areas, displaying the highlights and features of each brand and attracting visitors to make interaction and communication.

Display area 1:interactive entertainment area A-social space


« Taking photos, signing your name, sharing and printing your photos

« New and interesting interactive entertainment experience

« Customized content and functions


Interactive entertainment area B-Comics creator

« Innovative games

« Vivid story

« Real-time image synthesis

« Customized content and functions


Display area 2: Laser projection,FP demonstration area


«Christie projector GS series of Single primary color, delivering image with better black quality, which featureslighting system based on SSI laser fluorescence, 5400 lumens, 1-chip DLP, optional resolution of HD, WU and WX, no lamp(no consumables)and 20,000 hours service life.

«Optical FP screen with the best image quality, the best choice in bright and outdoor environment.

Displaying area 3: innovative projection area


« Non-regular screen innovative splicing of dnp opticalFP screen

« Christie3-chip DLP J series HD20K-J with xenon lamp,delivering superior image quality

« Christie3-chip DLPM series HD14K-M with dual UHP lamp, portrait projection of 90° rotation

« Christie1-chip DLPE series DHD775 with dual UHP lamp

« 7th Sense media server with superior edge blending for non-regular screen


Display area 4: Wincomn simulation solution area


« Helicopter simulator demo created by Unigine real-time 3D simulation engine from Russia, hasvast and rich details of real geographical environment, grass, house buildings, roads, bridges and photo-realistic rendering effect to realize driving simulation in real time;

« GPure digital 3D model lightweight software is France, featuresdigital model intelligent optimization, hole filling, faces reducing, rewiring, feature simplification, invisible object deleting and high-efficiency processing, all of which make it possible to obtain high-fidelity lightweight model and widely applied to VR and AR;

« ART optical tracking system from Germany, high-end real-time optical location tracking and interactive control of VR field, high precision measurement of 6 DOF, with system tolerance of 1mm and delay of 24ms,VRPN conventional data interface;

« Wincomn mini L-type virtual simulation platform, full-view immersive 3D environment, real-time eye point tracking, handle tracking and free and convenient interactive operation


Display area 5: Shure DIS digital conference system area


« Full digital audio conference system solution with high cost performance, three-channel language and wireless voice distribution solution, DDS 5900

« DCS 6000 series, applied to the global highest level applications, meeting the customers’strict requirement for definition, accuracy and reliability

« Various types of microphone display, including Flush-mounted, portable, touch-control, all-in-one, gooseneck, interface

« Simple, convenientand operable system display


Display area 6: Extron signal switch, process and control


« Reliable and complete integration solution, XTP system for video signal switch and distribution

« End-to-end stream media system

« 4K solution of long-distance transmission, switching, processing and control


Display area 7: WolfVision visualizer area


« The first 3D visualizer in the world

« VZ-C6 hooked-on visualizer with sync light field and 1080p

« Newly-upgradedVZ-9.4 and8plus4 desktop visualizer

« Realize lecture share and annotation in any corner via WolfVision app of iPhone and iPad


Display area 8: Alcorn show play and control area

« Display of Alcorn show control, light control, audio gear and video gear

« Flexible light show

« Convenient playback management of on-site audio and video


Display area 9: Christie projector and Biro area

« Displaying star products of Christie 3-LCD projector, 1-chip DLP  projector and 3-DLP projector

« Unsurpassed Biro sharing solution, which makes file sharing without settings, cables, encryption devices or software


Display area 10: arc-shaped screen projection area

« Christie 1-chip DLP G series

« Auto-calibration solution from domeprojection, without limit for resolution, channels, screen, featuring accurate auto-calibration and blending

« 7th-Sense media server, featuring 4K/8K lossless playback, video collection, active and passive 3D support and other non-regular display


Keynote share

The deputy general manager of Wincomndelivered the opening speech, introducing the current business, cooperated brands and the ten experience areas.It is notable that there are innovations and extension to original Wincomn’s cooperated brands and newly-added global cutting-edge brands representing the tendency of industryfield.

Frank Xiao, general manager Christie in China region, made introduction about popular laser projector and new products, including GS series of 6 color primaries, 3 color primaries and single color primaries Christie laser projector, xenon projector D4K45 with the global highest brightness of 45K lumens and 4K resolution and widely-used 1-chip DLP projector-new G series of 6000 lumens and Q series of 10000 lumens.

And Mr.NielsHermansen, COO of dnp, shared the core technology of optical screen and complete product line of high-end optical screen.

Ms. Zhu Ying, regional sales manager of Extron, introduced Extron team all over the world and continuously innovative solutions and products, including XTP system,TLP Pro 1020T,IN1608,MGP464Pro and flow media and audio products.

Wincomn technical manager shared AVC technical points in projection show and introduced current leading products applied to projection show.


Professional exchange activities

As the domestic leading high-end A/V comprehensive service provider and link between international cutting-edge audio-visual products and domestic demand, Wincomn roadshow is the window through that international manufacturers know about China market and the important activity viathat domestic customers know about the most valuable international A/V product direction and trend.Wincomn roadshow, as the domestic professional audio-visual exchange activity with considerable influence, has been held for several years and has gotten warm response and participation of cooperated manufacturers and industry customers.

This roadshow also invited people from Christie in China, like Frank Xiao, general manager of Christie in China, Qin Lan, BP product sales director of Christie in China, Pan Quan, BP product sales manager of Christie in China, HanliangFei, Vista productsales manager of Christie in China, Xiaoqiang Sheng and CS manager of Christie in China; people from dnp, NielsHermansen, COO of dnp; people from SHURE, like Alison Cheuk, market manager of APAC,Tomme Cheng, sales manager of APAC andAndy Yao,product marketing manager in China; people from Extron, like Ying Zhu, regional sales manager, Changling Ma, AE manager and Ping Hu,market communication manager; people from WolfVision, Adrian Yaw, general manager of Asia-pacific division and almost 200 customers from southeast likeShanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

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