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Wincomn Roadshow2015 Ends in Beijing
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The 7th Wincomn roadshow 2015 of high-end A/V solution, starting at Shanghai on 8 July and then to Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, finally comes back to Beijing on 5 August, showcasing global leading A/V brands, self-developed products and technologies. It has about 500 visitors from design institutes, scientific research institutes, universities, armies, end users, system integrators, dealers and more.

This influential campaign is reported by industry media, please refer to the following highlights for more information:


  • «  For products, 100+ high-end A/V products, covering all mainstream and cutting-edge applications;
  • «  For brands, 10+ global leading brands in corresponding sections;
  • «  For application display, covering the most popular applications at present, say show projection, theme park, projection mapping, short-throw projection, laser projection, 3D active simulation application, intelligent conference, collaborative conference, auditorium application, commanding, interactive touch and more;
  • «  For system design, Wincomn integrates 100+ products from 10+ brands to build innovative, amazing and scientific and reasonable exhibition areas, perfectly explaining the deep meaning of “Most/Integration/Vision” of this campaign: most, first and unique; flexible integration and win-win cooperation; complete and beautiful vision;
  • «  For technique sharing, Wincomn shares its technical experience accumulated in the last 19 years and the experience of AVC system design for theme parks and top shows in recent years, which shows Wincomn deserves high-end A/V leader.


Since moved its HQ to Beijing in 2006, Wincomn quickly grew to leading high-end A/V comprehensive service provider in China and involved in large-scale projects including opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Shanghai Expo, O Show, Wuhan Wanda Movie Park, Han Show and Dai Show to let the world experience the charming China. After 19 years effort, Wincomn is always dedicated to bring the world’s best A/V system to Chinese customers.


This roadshow integrates the international leading A/V brands Wincomn distributes and self-developed amusement interactive products:

  • « The global leading brand of projector——Christie from USA
  • « The global leading brand of screen——dnp from Denmark
  • « The most reliable signal transmission and processing device- Extron from USA 
  • « The clearest recording Visualizer——WolfVision from Austria
  • « Indispensable show control system for famous theme parks and attractions——Alcorn Mcbride Inc (AMI) from USA
  • « The most superior 4K/8K media server, supporting uncompressed playback and curved screen alignment——7thSense from UK
  • « The simplest and quickest camera-based display calibration software——Scalable from USA
  • « The most accurate locating and tracking and interactive control system without latency—ART from Germany
  • « The most lifelike real-time 3D simulation engine—Unigine from Russia  
  • « The most effective full-automatic 3D model preparation software—Gpure from France

During the show, Mr. Tony Chen, the president of Wincomn, delivers the opening speech, reviewing dedication in high-end A/V industry in the past 19 years to organize experienced professional team and collect global leading products resources, which make Wincomn is able to offer integrated system of powerful combination and complement for each other and emphasizing win-win philosophy we have always maintaining. Mr. Chen expresses that Wincomn could start win-win cooperation with all of the visitors.

Mr. Ken Wheatley, Asia Pacific Sales Director of Christie, introduces large projections all around the world. In addition, he mentions that in the opening of Singapore Southeast Asian Games , the total 2860 thousands lumens of 160 Christie projectors has created the Guinness record of highest lumens .

Mr. Jian Pei, sales director in China of Christie, shares brand story of Christie, cases, products and technology. He introduces emphatically that Christie has global leading factory in Canada and establishes factory in Shenzhen and also talks about that Christie launches projector with highest lumens in the world, the most intelligent and lightest 4K projector, ultra-short throw projector and expands 1-chip DLP projector family greatly, with the projector product line covering resolution from XGA to 4K, brightness from 5000 to 45000, lamps of mercury, xenon and laser and full coverage from short throw to long throw.

Mr. Niels Hermansen, dnp COO, introduces advanced optical technology of dnp, shows strong contrast between dnp optical screen and normal white screen and also introduces dnp newly-launched the biggest XL optical screen and ultra-short throw screen in the world.

Mr.Fei Yan, technical sales manager of Extron, introduces the development of Extron, talks about simple conference design and gives professional suggestion.

Eric Plante, general manager of VYV, introduces show projection and calibration technique, realizing interactivity with performers and real-time calibration. And in addition, he talks about latest cases all over the world, including Han Show and Dai Show in close cooperation with Christie and Wincomn.

Mr. Hansen Yang, The deputy general manager of Wincomn, delivers a speech about audio, video and control system of theme park and summarizes application features and design requirement of audio, video and control system in theme park. Mr. Yang takes Wuhan Wanda Movie Park as an example to analyze the system and also expresses that Wincomn could not only offer the best-in-class A/V products but support customers and users with the most professional team.

At last, Ms. Xianghui Shen, technical manager of Wincomn, introduces the system and application value we are showcasing for roadshow to make visitors know deeply about the design idea, equipment composition and proper application for each system.

Application is king: we are not only showcasing products, but 10 complete system application and product static display area, covering intelligent conference, cultural tourism, and simulation and refreshing people’s knowledge and understanding about A/V system visually and cognitively.


New exhibition booth: VYV show projection and calibration system

Highlight: can be applied to any shape and material screen and very suitable for dynamic projection with its real-time calibration. VYV show projection and calibration system has been used to top large-scale shows in China, including Han Show and Dai Show.


System 1:4K display system in main show area

System 2:Short-lens optical FP display system

System 3:Christie Brio collaborative conference system

System 4:Extron intelligent conference system with high integration

System 5:Scalable auto-calibration dome projection system

System 6:Video landscape projection system

System 7:Alorn multi-channel audio synchronization playback system

System 8:Alorn show control system for projection and lighting

System 9:L-type simulation system

System 10:GPure model preparation software

System 11:Christie business projector display area

No matter 4K projection, dome projection, cube projection, A/V sync playback or intelligent conference system displayed, they are innovative in design and closer-to-project in application. The powerful function demonstration and superior display effect highlight the outstanding features of the products we distribute.

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