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Christie Installed in the First Bowl-shape CAVE in
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Dozens of Christie projectors was installed in smart city exhibition hall of Yancheng to forge the first immersive experience space of bowl-shape CAVE in China.

This is a projection system shooting on four walls and ground with the projection area on each surface of 9*9*4.5m, which constitutes bowl-shape CAVE. Both immersive experience and optical path of projectors should be considered during design phase. Besides, the structure of bowl-shape CAVE raises special requirement for DOF of lens to make sure each surface and each corner in focus.

Wincomn, as the distributor of Christie in China, conducted analysis of sight distance and viewing angle for the project and performed exquisite design of optical path. It breaks the outdated idea of XGA-resolution-for-exhibition-halls and is installed more than 20 units of Christie projectors of 1920*1200 and 7200 lumens to ensure distinct image display on each inch and deliver real immersive experience for audiences.

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