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Popular Wanda City, First-class A/V System
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Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City

Brief Introduction

On 28th May, the much-anticipated Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City opened to public, which integrates commercial walking street, hotels, shows, outdoor theme park, high-tech interactive movie park and the largest indoor ocean park in the world.

The first-class A/V systems installed at indoor park-Movie Park and Ocean Park.

Movie Park includes Flying Theater ¨Flying over Jiangxi〃 and 3D Interactive Theater ¨Zhongkui Marring off His Sister〃;

And Nanchang Wanda Ocean Park has seven exhibition areas, including open area with whale shark, cold water area, tropical rainforest area and much more and also has a dome theater of Pearl in Deep Sea with high resolution.

Grand opening on 28th May.

Flooded people into the park.

Outdoor theme park, 6 areas and more than 60 experience attractions.

26 blue and white porcelains constitute the main building of Wanda, Wanda Mall, including indoor Ocean Park, Movie Park, Kidsplace, Wanda Cinema, commercial center and Food Street.

Wanda Mall is off-limits to seasons and climate and delivers all-weather and all-season amusement for visitors.

Entrance of Wanda Movie Park

Mysterious like entering another realm

Water fall first jumps into our sight, it is actually LED display when getting nearer

On the other side-the entrance of Flying Theater

The opposite side-the entrance of 3D Interactive Theater

Another indoor park- Ocean Park

  Main participant for A/V system of Nanchang Wanda Park
  Wincomn involves in the main A/V systems
· A/V system design and integration of Flying Theater;
· Video and control system design and integration of 3D Interactive Theater;
· Video system design and integration of VASE, queue area of Flying Theater;
· Projection system design and debugging of Dome Theater of Ocean Park.

1. Flying Theater: adopting 4 units of Christie 4K projector to forge fantastic flying experience. Nanchang Wanda Movie Park is an important part for the first completed Wanda Mall in the world, which is themed at flying over Jiangxi province to experience the seasons, high mountains, great rivers and local customs.


 The Flying Theater includes Simtec suspended 6-DOF motion platform, 20*15.8m dome screen, 4 units of Christie 4K projector with 35000lumens, 4 units of 7thSense uncompressed media playback server, 17.1-channel audio system and Alcorn show control system.
  A/V system, motion platform together with SFX of wind, rain, flavor and liquid nitrogen deliver a lifelike flying experience for visitors.

  2. Creative projection for VASE of Queue area, including several units of Christie projectors Creative projection for VASE
The creative projection for VASE (queue area of Flying Theater) is the beautiful attraction which is close to the theme of the park and shows visitors with an elegant celadon by shooting on an architectural structure.

The VASE projection involves several units of Christie projectors and 7thSense uncompressed media playback server. And this VASE shape makes technical design and system debugging more challenging, with no tiny offset in projection area.

3. Zhongkui Marrying off His Sister-3D Interactive Theater, nearly 100 units of Christie projectors installed Zhongkui Marrying off His Sister-3D Interactive Theater
This theater delivers interactive experience through virtual 3D world to visitors by introducing movie technology amusement and adopting real-time interactive technology. With the evolution of the storyline of Zhongkui Marrying off his sister, visitors are getting into the world of movie gradually and all of sudden the little sister is abducted by King of Ghosts. Visitors then will led by Zhongkui to ride Baize chariot and fight with Zhongkui in the 3D virtual world against King of Ghosts to save his little sister back finally.

It involves nearly 100 units of Christie projectors, with 8 scenes integrated.

4. Dome Theater of Ocean Park with 12 meters diameter and high resolution display, adopting more than ten Christie projectors.
Dome Theater of Ocean Park
Pearl in Deep Sea, the dome theater has a diameter of 12 meters. It uses ultra-wide field fisheye lens during movie
producing and playback and let visitors see the ocean world with fish eyes. And the dome screen surrounds visitors like the firmament.

This theater includes more than ten Christie projectors, 7thSense uncompressed media playback server, Scalable auto-calibration system to forge seamless immersive display with large scale and high resolution display. And Alcorn show control system is installed to synchronized video and audio.
Key points for audio, video and control
· During A/V system design, in order to ensure immersive experience Wincomn conducted audienceˇs FOV analysis, brightness, resolution, blending and calibration analysis and so on. in addition, industrial leading projectors are installed to deliver large-scale, muti-channel, high definition and seamless blending image display;
· As for media playback, high-performance media playback servers are installed to proceed uncompressed playback to ensure real reproduction of the content;
· As for sound reinforcement, Wincomn conducted system design according to the features of dome screen and the movie to avoid sound focusing to make sure the realness of sound field and lifelike sound effect.
· As for show control system, the first-class show control system is programmed to synchronize different part through time code.

A/V attractions Wincomn engaged in are installed with mature brands for the world theme parks, which include Christie projector, 7thSense media server, AMI show control system, Scalable auto-calibration system, Meyer sound reinforcement system, Extron signal transmission system, Simtec motion platform to deliver first-class standard.

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