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Wincomn completes the shareholding reform
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On Nov. 21st, Beijing Wincomn Technology Development Co., ltd completed the shareholding reform and upgraded into a shareholding company, named as Beijing Wincomn Technology Co., ltd. Accumulating experiences for the past 10 years, Wincomn has stepped into stock market, who will discipline itself under the requirement of public company, optimize the quality of service, and establish a powerful image with high core competitiveness as well as brand recognition.


In recent years, Wincomn has developed well in intelligent meeting/control room, cultural tourism and simulation. The solution provided by Wincomn has been recognized by the customers. In the meanwhile of fast development, Wincomn has also attracted the professional investing agents.


In order to push the long-term strategy and attract more funding, Wincomn started the shareholding reform, since the early part of this year and complete the relative issues by Nov. 21st.As the world leading high-end A/V service provider, Beijing Wincomn Technology Co.,ltd has been partnered with 10+ world famous manufacturer since the foundation of 2006, providing high-end A/V service to customers and end-users including system design, hardware/software development, hardware/software integration, service and operation. Headquartered in Beijing, Wincomn has sub-branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an and Shenzhen.


In the future, as the application of new technology, the three areas of intelligent meeting/control room, cultural tourism and simulation will step into fast development. Considering of strategic development, Wincomn will make full use of capital and enhance the capacity of software development, launch the products and solution which are more advanced, easier to use, user-friendly, higher investment return. In the meanwhile, Wincomn will continue to establish “three areas and one layer”, work on technology improvement, business development, management optimization, and consolidate the leadership in terms of professional A/V service provider.


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