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Wincomn Lightens Dan Crane Tower
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On 13th August, the first show of Dan Crane Tower (also known as “River Watching Pavilion”) was officially open to visitors in Shang Luo of Shaanxi province, which brightened the city with charming light and injected more vigor into the small city. As the expert of outdoor mapping inChina, Wincomn conducted system design, equipment supply and installation, system debugging and maintenance for the show.


Dan Crane Tower show is an important part of upgrade project of Dan River national water park, which highlights the cultural theme of night view of Shang Luo by virtue of mountain, water, human and city and lays the foundation for building the night tour of central city and upgrading the national water park.


Dan Crane Tower show uses Dan Crane Tower, the core building of Shang Luo, as the carrier, adopting the most advanced projection technology to build immersive naked-eye 3D effect. It integrates folk culture, history humanities, tourists’ culture and hi-technology to realize harmonious unification of human and light environment and present a new Shang Luo via amazing light and artistic effect.



Difficulties during the system design of outdoor mapping:


²  High requirement for the equipment: long continuous running time in the harsh outdoor environment

²  Big elevation of projector: wide projection angle makes geometry correction and blend more challenging

²  Effect requirement: immersive naked-eye 3D

²  Irregular projection image and blending area

²  Projection surface is glass and granite wall with low reflection ratio, which cause severe loss of brightness and require higher brightness of projectors

²  Blending among multiple projectors requires high uniformity of color and brightness

²  Reasonable planning and design given a small space of projection room to realize water proof, moisture proof and sun block



Wincomn has 10 years’ experience in cultural tourism, theme park and entertainment, which enable us with professional technical, engineering and service team with capability of A/V system design, especially complicated projection system. Wincomn has involved in lots of projects of influence, including show of Beijing Gubei Water Town, Wuxi 5D show, Kaifeng Iron Tower show, 3D show of Shaanxi Yan an, 3D projection of Beijing Qianmen Dashilar, outdoor mapping of Hong Kong Disney and so on.


When it comes to projector selection, stabilization and reliability is the main factor, apart from it, engineering experience, support from manufacturer, convenient maintenance, similar projects experience are all important. Considering the factors of building, ambient light, viewing distance and media, Wincomn designs several Christie projectors, which has the most complete product line covering from 3000 lumens to 60000 lumens and withstand the test of large application at home and abroad.



Meanwhile, Wincomn designs 7thSense high resolution and uncompressed media playback and process server in order to guarantee lossless media playback. As for signal transmission, it utilizes Extron signal transmitter to make sure the most stable signal transmission with little distortion via fiber optic transmission.

Wincomn, as the comprehensive service provider for advanced customized A/V system integration and control system in China market, with expertise, technicality, better understanding of customer demand, international vision and reliable localization service, resolves each and every difficulty and overcomes challenges over and over again to add gorgeous and charming color to Shang Luo.

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