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Wincomn high-end projection system guanrantees The report
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Wincomn high-end projection system guanrantees government work report on the 19th CPC National Congress

In recent years, the large-screen display system has been largely used to the key information transmission in  various important events because of its system intuition and efficience. During the meeting of 19th CPC National Congress, it is not difficult for the attentive audience to find out from various TV broadcast that two giant electronic displays on both sides of the rostrum of the Great Hall of the People display all information to the leaders and deputies without delay, follow each link of the conference schedule, and guarantee the the 19th CPC National Congress by means of the "visualization" of information.



As a major event in our country's political field, the successful convening of the 19th CPC National Congress is guanranteed by tens of thousands of staff, and for electronic devices, it is also important to maintain a stable operation throughout the conference.The large screen display system on both sides of the hall is from Wincomn , the high-end A/V service provider, and this is not the first cooperation between the two sides.

As early as seven years ago, Wincomn had designed and installed in the Great Hall of the People with two sets of rear projection system. Through seven years of trial and test, it has been maintaining stable operation till now, which have earned a long-term trust for Wincomn . During the preparing phase for the 19th CPC National Congress, the system devices needed to be updated and upgraded. Wincomn again continues to provide large-screen display technology, engineering implementation and system services to the conference as a technical service provider.

    Second, it is a big challenge for any technical team to ensure the accuracy and sharpness of the giant display in the rooms with extremely limited space. In addition, the equipment must meet the "zero failure" standard without any fault.


Taking part in several national events, and a number of benchmarking projects, and the comprehensive strength and technical reputation of the top among the domestic and foreign peers through years’ accumulated experience , make Wincomn very confident for the completion of project. After getting the project, our team quickly carried out the technical research and finally solved the problem to realize the large screen display and the hot backup in the small rear projection space, and  provide the conference with the latest technology, high quality, reliable –large screen display and ultrahigh brightness –rear projection display system with a significant improvement in system performance and safety reliability at last.

During the conference, the two large screens were used to present the report to the participating deputies. On the key occasions and key agenda under the spotlight, the timely and overall transmission of important information has greatly enhanced the quality and efficiency of the spirit of the conference and played an important role in ensuring the smooth process of the agenda of the conference.

Wincomn has focused on providing A/V system solutions since the foundation of 2005, and dedicated to intelligent conference/control room, cultural tourism and simulation industries. It is undoubtedly the most powerful demonstration of Wincomn’s technical strength and service safeguarding capacity to ensure the smooth process of such a high level conference.




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