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Wincomn involves presenting the play Mongolian horse
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Wincomn involves presenting the large indoor live-action play <Mongolian Horse>

The first large-scale indoor live-action drama of <Mongolian horse>,which is for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region ,China's largest horse drama series, has been praised by professionals and audiences since its open performance. The show jointly planned and presented by the domestic and international first-class creative team has 400 cast members and 120 Mongolian steeds, which is a powerful, unprecedented indoor performance.

The whole play creates a magnificent scene in the grassland through the world first-class high-tech electric, lighting and video technology, using the powerful live-action stage, ethnic costumes and prop perfectly combined with equestrian, performance on horseback , silk hangs, aerial acrobatics, Mongolian dance, Mongolian wrestling, archery and other performance forms.


<Mongolian horse>

As a super large indoor drama series, the actors and horses perform on the huge stage, which is set up with wide, 3D, special and ever-changing stage scenery, where you could see the scenery of the hills and plain, the concave-convex horsehead building, the screen showing overlapping snow-capped mountains... Innovation is the test.

In order to deliver the audience with immersive experience, the crew has been working on an excellent lighting projection system. And through testing and comparison among multiple parties, the projection solution provided by Wincomn was selected in the end. According to the strict requirement of program team, Wincomn designs and installs more than a dozen top-class brand of the top series projectors - the Christie Boxer series of 30, 000 lumen projectors, creating a "realistic" scene for the theater.



As the plot changes, the projection equipment helps to create various atmosphere

The projection system designed by Wincomn has restored the natural scenes of grassland, volcano, sand, snowfield, sunrise and moonset. At the same time, a group of projectors are set up for shooting onto the horsehead structure in the center of the stage and the snow mountain screen. The projection videos  are flexible to switch to make the stage set and the plot fully integrated, which will bring the whole performance to a climax.

The well designed lighting projection system makes the stage background, the ground and the sky constantly change as the plot changes, and the four seasons and the hours are also changed perfectly, which bring the audience back to the river of history to experience the ancient war, the sad love, and the emotions between human and horsesand truly represent the exciting and shocking scene.





By virtue of advanced projection equipment, the ever-changing background makes the plot more interesting

Nowadays, the artistic expression of the stage is no longer limited to the performers themselves. The perfect lighting effect can extend the stage and bring a qualitative leap to the stage performance. As the leading high-end A/V integrated service provider, Wincomn will continuously provide customers with professional equipment and high-end services in order to build ultimate visual experience to audiences.

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