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Wincomn-released keyword is elected annual "top 10"
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Wincomn-released keyword is elected annual "top 10"of 2017 in Information A/V Industry

On 24th ,November, " theme park AVC technology application " which posted by Wincomn is awarded as the 2017 “top10” keywords of A/V industry at the 2017 annual award ceremony of the information audio-visual industry and the "Best of the Year" which is sponsored by the professional A/V industry media platform< InfoAV CHINA>.


The information A/V keywords "TOP 10" (also known as "word of the year") has been released for fourth consecutive year. The "top 10" selected every year are keywords reflecting the key technology, development trends and the overall context and performance of the industry. "AVC technology application of theme park" posted by Wincomn, in which A means Audio, V refers to Video , and C means Control .In the high-tech project construction boom of theme park, video is the soul of theme entertainment, and AVC technology is the key to create a theme park immersive experience.

Wincomn has been invited to be the release unit of the buzzword, which also proves the authority and rich industry experience of Wincomn in theme park A/V and control technology applications.

In recent years, Wincomn has participated in a number of high-tech A/V projects in well-known theme parks, including Wuhan Wanda Movie Park, Nanchang Wanda Movie Park, Hefei Wanda Movie Park, Nanning Wanda Theme Park, Harbin Wanda Movie Park, Nanjing Wanda Theme Park, Zhuhai Chimelong Marine Resort, The Water World of Dragon Palace-great white whale, and Zhejiang Riverside Six Flags International Resort. Many of these projects are the first in the industry, setting a standard in scale and design. Specialization originates from precipitation, and Wincomn  will continue to provide professional services to the theme park customers.

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