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Wincomn 2018 Annual Meeting Held in Beijing
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Wincomn held its 2018 annual meeting on the theme "Forge ahead, and win the future" from 17 Jan. to 19 Jan. in Beijing, and all Wincomn staff from all over the country gathered  to welcome the New Year together.

First, a two-day sales meeting was conducted to solve the problems existing in the business, and to clarify the mission and objectives of the New Year. In 2017, Wincomn  participated in military,each project has been completed professionally and appreciated by users.

At the annual meeting, the management of the company summarized the work of 2017 and made a New Year's plan. After that, the company held an award ceremony for employees who have made outstanding achievements in 2017 and made long-term contributions to the company's development. With the conclusion of the award ceremony, the annual work summary of the year was concluded, and the New Year’s Party was officially begin.


In order to reflect the corporate culture, the department's spiritual outlook and all staff's demeanor,all the programs of this annual conference will be compiled, directed and performed by Wincomn staff . All the show was compiled, directed and performed by the Wincomn colleagues. The beautiful dance and moving songs, and hilarious talk shows, sketches, etc., make the whole party climax.

At the end of the party, all Wincomn staff toasted to the New Year.satart r,and expressed resolution to start work with a new look and a more ambitious spirit.




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