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Wincomn participated in the tomb projection of Hunan museum
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The Hunan museum, which is five years away from the public, is officially reopened on November 28th ,2017.As a national first-class museum, it has launched two new delicate displays, "the Mawangdui Han Tombs " and "Hunan people -- the history and culture of Sanxiang" , which make the public experience the beauty of the historic relics. Wincomn has participated in these two basic displays, and also the huge dome theater inside the museum.

In the "Hunan people -- the history and culture of Sanxiang", Wincomn provided projection design, equipment installation, debugging and other work for the circular screen, sand table, folding screen in the “Home” exhibition hall and the "Dare to call a new day" in the “Soul of Xiang” exhibition hall.


Circular screen and sand table in the “Home” exhibition hall

"Hunan people display" is the first historical display that reflects the progress of the civilization development in Hunan province, and is also one of the important marks of the museum. Here the projection on circular screen, sand table, folding screen, presents the evolution process of Xiangjiang culture, which allows the visitors to experience the charm of historic culture.


The folding screen of the "Dare to call a new day" display.

The “five-star divination” dome projection is a virtual demonstration, based on the <five star occupation> excavated from Mawangdui Han tombs. Wincomn completed the complex optical path design, blending and debugging, which ensure the non- deformation display and excellent color reproduction..


Projection optical path design of the “five-star divination” dome screen


Projection effect diagram of the “five-star divination” dome screen


Projection effect diagram of the “five-star divination” dome screen

But "the Mawangdui Han Tombs display” challenges us more. It is the first tomb projection application in China. The grave is 19.5 meters long, 17.8 meters wide, 17 meters deep, and in the shape of inverted trapezoid. Such an irregular grave is just the projection surface, so you can imagine how difficult it is.


The on-site picture


Optic path design of the Tomb 

As the projection surface is complicated and 3D, the optical path design is really difficult. In order to solve it, the engineer uses the 3D model plus UV mapping to determine the location of the image, and all the projectors are installed hidden at different angles. In this way, the image could be shot on the grave accurately, and it can ensure a complete picture.

Meanwhile, Wincomn solves the difficulty of irregular blending, uncompressed and synchronization playback, and also provides the model for the media company to confirm the output resolution, so that the media is perfectly matched with the projection image.



The finished picture of Xinzhui grave projection



The finished picture of Xinzhui grave projection

The whole projection will connect the people in the past and the future. Visitors can feel the shock of the ancient culture, so that they can create a deeper emotional resonance.

In the modern society where technology is constantly developing, the display of culture has become more diversified. The video projection contains both the profound cultural connotation and the vivid aesthetic feeling; it will be the icing on the cake for culture and cultural relics.

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